e=mc2Came across this post that I thought you would enjoy.  If you have never visited the Khan Academy, be sure to check it out.

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Stress Almost Killed Me--Then I Changed My MindTo all my long-term followers, rest assured that the tiltle “stress almost killed me” doesn’t really apply to me. I haven’t been posting at my usual frequency for the past few weeks because I’ve been working on another major project.  It’s an advanced eight-week online stress relief course for successful, busy folks and it is truly awesome.  Eleven pariticipants are going through this online stress relief  program right now, as a pilot group, and most are finding it very valuable.  I’ll have more to tell you about this powerful stress relief course later on.  In the meantime, I ran across this article on another website that I wanted to share with you.  The title “Stress Almost Killed Me—Then I Changed My Mind” refers to a piece that was published on August 1, 2014 by Tom Chi.  Here is how he begins his stress elimination story: 

“There was a point in my life when stress almost killed me, literally. This happened during what would have appeared to be a very “successful” period in my life.”

This opening–particularly the word “killed” really piqued my interest for two reasons.  As a physician, I’m well aware of the many ways stress can negatively impact our health.  And given that I’m in the process of creating a new stress relief course, I was curious to learn about what had happened to this individual and how he eventually dealt with it. The author then went on to say that his health scare happened during a very stressful time at work when he was 29 and heading up several project teams for a Fortune 500 company:

“…the way I handled that stress severely impacted my health—leading to an emergency wherein I lost 40 percent of my blood in 30 minutes and was just minutes from dying.”

It’s not uncommon to see people rushed to the hospital with sudden, severe internal bleeding, usually from the stomach or other parts of the intestinal tract.  It is also not uncommon to see these episodes precipitated, in large part, by steadily escalating stress.  He then goes on to say:

“Since that episode, I have systematically gone about reframing my work—not doing different work but approaching work differently—specifically to remove stress. And the result is that I’m actually much more effective at my job.”

This is the “then I changed my mind” part of the story, and I’m always happy to read about inspiring examples of ordinary people who both mentally and physically overcome their stress. In this case, he didn’t do it by taking a course or by meditating, using yoga or any other stress management techniques. He did it by simply making a huge change in his mindset.  Something all of us are always capable of doing.

So if you are interested in reading the full original blog post and getting more details about the rest of this story, go ahead and click on the link below: Stress Almost Killed Me–Then I Changed My Mind    


Stress Mastery: 6 Things Happy People Never Do

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Stress Mastery: 20 Life-Changing Books

June 24, 2014

I was recently asked to collaborate with 19 other authors and experts in the fields of personal development, health, wealth, success and relationships.  To express our commitment to making the world a better and healthier place, we each contributed one of our bestselling books (electronic versions) as part of a 20 Life-Changing Books Box Set […]

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