Are Politicians Causing Us Stress? (Part 1)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Politics and Stress--Part 1 of 3 Part SeriesThere are less than 3 months to go before the elections in November, and the daily political rhetoric is already whipping people into quite an emotional storm.

Hardly a day goes by without some politician, pundit, or commentator making an incendiary remark, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes just on sheer stupidity, that gets us stirred up, physically and hormonally.

The Answer Is Not As Simple As You Might Think

Thus, it appears quite obvious that the answer to my question is a resounding YES—politicians certainly are causing us stress.  However, they may be doing so in ways that are both obvious and not so immediately apparent.

You see, I think there are much deeper reasons why politicians, and our whole political system, are causing us stress.  And these deeper reasons are not well appreciated by most of us.

Rabble Babble

When politicians are up for election, their mission is precisely to stir up our emotions.  They know that people tend to vote more with their gut feelings than with their brains (in fact, they count on this), so they want to make you feel angry and distrustful toward their opponents, and feel the opposite (attracted, inspired, hopeful) toward them.

The problem is that with both sides trying to make you hate and distrust their opponents, it’s hard to avoid being engulfed in a virtual ocean of emotion-rousing criticisms, accusations, blaming, and sometimes even downright slander.

Our Bodies Are Being Assaulted…Daily

As major elections draw near, all of these hostile, accusatory, and inflammatory words floating around tend to assault our bodies on a daily basis.  Even if you wanted to remain calm and somewhat dissociated, you’d be hard-pressed to do so, especially if you watch any TV, listen to radio, read a newspaper, or browse the Internet to any degree.

One way or another, words you strongly disagree with are going to seek you out and trigger you to react emotionally.  Therefore, on this one very obvious level, politicians are certainly adding to our stress, just by being who they are and doing what they know how to do best.

But I would argue there are at least two other less obvious, but perhaps even more important, ways that politicians contribute to our stress.  These two ways are more indirect in nature, and a lot more sinister in their consequences.  And they go far beyond just the surface layer of all the bashing, posturing, and inflammatory public rhetoric that’s currently going on.

Stay Tuned For More…

In my next two posts this week, I’m going to address each of these two less obvious ways (and there are likely several others) in which politicians, whether they know it or not, are contributing greatly to the stress we experience…even when we are not in an election cycle!

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