Are Politicians Causing Us Stress? (Part 3)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Politics and Stress--third of a three post seriesIn my first post this week, I posed the question “Are politicians causing us stress?” and then answered with a definitive “YES.”

And while I used this first post to highlight the most obvious way this is true—namely all the emotionally-charged political rhetoric that gets spewed around during any major election period—I alluded to the possibility that there are at least two other, less obvious ways that politicians may be causing us stress as well.

Then, in my second post, I suggested that the way politicians model dysfunctional, ineffective problem-solving behavior is one of these less obvious ways that politics might be contributing to the persistence of certain types of stress (i.e., problems) in our lives.

Less Obvious Way #2

For my third and final post in this three-part series on Politics and Stress, I want to focus on one more subtle, but in my opinion extremely important, way that both politics and politicians contribute to our stress.  And this is how politicians “teach” us that telling the truth is not very important.

If you recall, I stated in my first post in this series:

“Our whole political system is fraught with weaknesses, inefficiencies, corruption, dishonesty, and many other sinister qualities that continually send disempowering messages to everyone living in our society.” 

Well, not only is dishonesty and lack of integrity pervasive in our political system, but it has actually become valued by most politicians and political parties. It has also become generally “expected” and tolerated by the population at large, as if this is not going to have any negative impacts to our own personal lives.

Wake Up Folks!

I’m sorry to have to wake you from your deeply brainwashed trance, but all this deception, misinformation, and downright lying on the part of politicians is not just political sport.  It’s a deadly serious societal problem that is having a negative impact on YOU and the amount of stress in your life, whether you know it or not!

Let me tell you something about stress that most other stress experts won’t tell you—the amount of stress in your life is going to be directly proportional to your ability to TELL THE TRUTH!

That’s it…pure…and…simple. 

If you really want to know where stress is coming from in your life, you just got the answer.  It comes from YOU not be willing to, or not knowing how to, or not being committed to, telling the truth…no matter whether you agree or disagree with this statement.

I know I’ve said, on previous occasions, that stress comes from other sources, like from hidden causes, or from ineffective problem-solving, or from lack of coping skills, or from faulty perceptions, or from unrealistic expectations, or from many other sources that seem very complex, diverse, and at times very mysterious.

But what are all these things?  At the deepest and most fundamental level, they are all just very specific instances of either not recognizing or not admitting the truth to yourself.  For example, if you use alcohol or drugs (or even food) to deal with your stress—you are not telling the truth about the value and wisdom of these very popular coping strategies.

Similarly, if you are being stressed because you have unrealistic expectations, or your relationship and/or conflict resolutions skills are not great, or you’ve been thrust into a new leadership position and your leadership skills are not well developed—you are not telling the truth to yourself (especially if you are stressed) about what’s really going on.

Our Society Is Becoming Truth-Averse

One of the biggest reasons, therefore, why we continue to have a stress epidemic today is because as a society, we have become more and more averse to telling the truth, both to others and much more importantly, to ourselves as well.

And why are we becoming more truth averse as a society?  Well, there are many contributing factors, but politics and politicians are certainly a big part of this story.  Every day, politicians tell us, through their words, their behavior, their political ads, etc. that truth is not important when it comes to winning elections.

Every day, politicians tell us that truth is not important when it comes to their remaining in office, so they can better “serve their constituents,” protect all the children, and save the planet from eventual self-destruction.

In my opinion, the single most powerful lesson we get taught by politicians—every day—is that TRUTH BE DAMNED!  And once again, this message gets amplified and repeated daily by the media, by the legal profession, by our teachers, in our TV shows and movies that we watch, by many of the books we read or chat groups we participate in on the Internet.  It’s everywhere!

What’s Your Plan?

So how do you try to protect yourself from all this negative anti-truth-telling modeling?  How do you try to either maintain or improve your own ability to tell the truth, and sort out all the hype and misinformation from the real bits of wisdom that you might want or need to be both happy and successful in your life?

If I’m correct that stress is largely a result of your ability to tell the truth, what are you currently doing to work on this extremely important skill?

I don’t think we’re ever going to get our politicians to start embracing truth-telling, nor are we going to eliminate lying from the legal profession, from Hollywood productions, from the Internet, etc.  We’re always going to be embedded within a sea of dishonesty, deception, and other disempowering activities.

So if you are going to be a truth-teller, or at least someone who is both open to and interested in discovering the truth (as best as human beings can “know” it), you’re probably going to have to do this on your own

I’m sure you can figure out many creative ways to do this.  And there are definitely still many people “out there” who are strongly committed to telling the truth, despite the opposing trends that seem to be growing within our society.  So you should be able to associate with some of these individuals, if you are interested in finding them.

Well, hope you enjoyed this three-part series on Politics and Stress.  Please feel free to enter your comments or opinions (other than political opinions) in the comments section below.

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