Are You Allergic To The Truth?—Part 2

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Allergic To Truth Part 2

This week, I’m exploring the topic of people who sometimes respond as if they have an allergy to the truth.  This typically happens when they are exposed to a powerful and potentially beneficial idea that directly conflicts with one of their deeply held, but incorrect, beliefs.  Even though the idea could clearly help them, it is immediately rejected as being worthless or blatantly foolish

I was inspired to publish this series of posts this week by a person who left a negative review on Amazon about one of my recent Kindle books called The Art Of True Forgiveness: How To Forgive Anyone, For Anything, Anytime You Want.

What A Wonderful Opportunity

Even though no author likes getting negative reviews, I was particularly struck by the comments this reviewer made and how they presented a wonderful opportunity to talk about being resistant to the truth.

Here is the full review that prompted me to write about this topic this week:

“The way to deal with forgiving one who has wronged you is NOT to call what they did something other than what it really is. That is playing mind games. Wrong is wrong, always was and always will be.”

And here’s why I found this review so interesting:

  • The book is not at all about calling something other than it really is—it’s actually about connecting very deeply with what truly did happen and ultimately being able to call it exactly what it was.
  • The book is not about playing mind games—it’s about understanding how your mind is already playing games with you (prior to reading the book) and how your mind is keeping you from being able to tell the truth and thereby reconnect with your natural ability to truly forgive.
  • Wrong is not always wrong, never has been and never will be.

In fact, the message of this book is so right on that it challenges and contradicts just about everything this person believes to be true about rightness, wrongness, and what it means to forgive.  No wonder this person reacted with such a strong and telltale “allergic” negative reaction.

“Please Don’t Mess With My Mindset”

Even more important, the mindset about rightness, wrongness, and forgiveness that this reviewer clearly has is exactly the mindset that keeps millions of people from being able to truly forgive.

It is the mindset this book was written to expose, and it’s the exact mindset this book is able to help readers correct and overcome.  But only if the reader has an open mind and is willing to honestly examine their existing mindset to see if it is consistent with the truth and with reality.

So you have to understand that even though I was genuinely sorry this person didn’t get any value from buying and reading my book, I also felt somewhat validated that I had adequately communicated some very important truths about forgiveness that were much too close to home for this person to embrace and benefit from.

Some people just don’t like others to mess with their mindsets, even though their mindsets may be incorrect and very disempowering.

More To Come About Mindset And Forgiveness

In my next and final post in this three-part series, I’ll go into more detail about the anti-forgiveness mindset this reviewer so wonderfully demonstrated for all of us to see and reflect upon. 

In closing, I was going to say that I forgive this person for posting such an inaccurate, negative review of my book.  But then I thought about it for a few seconds and realized that they really (i.e. truthfully) didn’t do anything wrong by posting their heart-felt negative review, so there’s nothing for me to have to forgive.  In fact, I’m truly grateful for the fabulous opportunity this person gave me to possibly help others escape from the emotional prison this very common mindset often entraps them in.

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