College Stress Relief: What Do We Really Learn About Stress In College?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

This week, since most college students are back on campus or have already started fall classes, I want to revisit three blog posts related to college stress that I originally published here in March, 2012.

These three posts are:

  • What Do We Really Learn About Stress In College?
  • Why Focus On College Stress?
  • Why Standard Advice For Dealing With College Stress Is Outdated 

Also, I want to take the opportunity this week to encourage all new and returning college students to download and read a free PDF e-book that I released on April 2, 2102, and that can be obtained (no email required) at .

What Did YOU Learn About Stress In College?

I didn’t learn much about coping with stress when I was in college back in the late 1960s.  But I did have lots of it, and as I look back now on my undergraduate years, most of the stress I experienced was completely unnecessary.

Even worse, during each of my four years at college, I either developed (newly) or reinforced certain unhealthy attitudes, incorrect philosophies, and other behaviors that pretty much guaranteed that I would continue to have lots of unnecessary stress in my life, long after I graduated. 

Today’s college students might be under even more stress than I was decades ago, but are they being any better prepared for coping with it than I was?  I don’t think so. 

What A Colossal Missed Opportunity 

I think it’s a crying shame college students aren’t being better prepared to reduce stress in their lives during the four or more years they are in college.  

Think about this for a minute.  Why do we send our kids to college?  So they can learn calculus, economics, chemistry, biology, or the physics of throwing a Frisbee?  No.  We send our kids to college, and pay the staggering tuitions and other required fees, because we hope those years of education and socialization will prepare them well for life. 

We want our kids to be happy, healthy, and competent adults.  We want them to be successful at whatever careers they choose.  We want them to be happy and successful in their relationships with others.  We want them to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and most of all—we want them to be happy with themselves.  We want them to be confident, optimistic, and have good self-esteem.  We want them to feel good about themselves, even when things don’t go perfectly in their lives. And we want them to know how to deal with challenges and adversity, which they will inevitably experience, without going off the deep end or without otherwise damaging themselves or others around them. 

We Want Our Kids To Be Stress Free 

Bottom line–we want our kids to be as successful and happy as they can be, and we want them to have as few nasty problems in life as is humanly possible.  In other words, we want them to have very little “stress.” 

Yet how much of the money we spend on their college education goes to training them in how to cope with stress?  Even if they take an official course in college on how to cope with stress, how well are they really being educated?  Do you think it’s any better than how the rest of us are being “educated” in how to cope with stress?  

And are our kids likely to get a good “education” in how to cope with stress from hanging out with their friends on campus?  It’s very unlikely. What’s more likely is that they will just pick up more bad habits of thinking and coping, that will haunt them like a plague for the rest of their life. 

We Need A New Approach 

Let’s face it.  Our kids are not going to learn very much about stress (and how to be free of it) from those who are in charge of their college education. If it’s going to happen, as I think it should, it’s going to have to come from outside sources. 

That’s why I wrote and published a free comprehensive e-book called College Stress Relief:  What Every Student Should Know (And Spread Around) ASAP! This e-book contains much of the same basic training that appears in my four introductory stress mastery PDF e-books that I make available to people through this website and my Stress Mastery Academy. 

college stress relief e-book

This book encourages college students to question the traditional “wisdom” about managing stress that is actually disempowering them.  It introduces them to fresh new insights about stress that will hopefully change and improve the way they think about stress—and attempt to deal with it—forever. 

I’ll tell you more about this important college relief e-book in each of my next two posts this week.  Until then, you can go to to find out more about it and to download the full book for free. 

So if you are a college student yourself, or if you know anyone who has kids in college, please pass this website link or this entire blog post on to others. 

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