College Stress Relief: Why Should We Focus On College Stress?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

In my last post, which was an update to a post I first published here on March 23, 2012, I pointed out that it’s a shame that most young adults today graduate from college without learning how to cope with stress successfully.  

Now you might be thinking “Why should I care about college stress anyway?  What does this have to do with me or with my immediate personal concerns about stress in my own life?”  Fair question. 

I think it’s important to focus on college stress for the following reasons: 

  1. Many students who are now in college will become our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and other types of leaders.  As such, they will have opportunities throughout their lives to influence millions of other people, so the more they know about how to understand and deal with stress optimally, the more they can pass this knowledge on to others.
  2. Many college students today are experiencing extremely high levels of stress which can lead to psychological impairment, eating disorders, substance abuse, health problems, accidents, suicides, and a multitude of other unfortunate (and often unnecessary) problems.
  3. High levels of stress in college can also lead to violence and other destructive behaviors, which can indeed sometimes directly impact YOUR LIFE.
  4. If you currently have children in college, then you should definitely be concerned about the problem of college stress, if not for yourself then at least for their health and welfare.
  5. The principles of optimally dealing with stress are exactly the same for college students as they are for all adults elsewhere.  So if you were not well educated about stress when you were in college, and you haven’t closed that gap since graduating, you’ve also got much to learn about stress as well. 

Will College Students Be Receptive To This Advice? 

Sometimes, people who could benefit most from gaining new wisdom about stress are the least open to learning anything new about it.  This is just as true for college students as it is for those who never attended college or for those who graduated many years ago. 

Truthfully, I don’t know if college students will be receptive to any new input on how to better understand or deal with stress.  But I, for one, am going to give it my best shot.  

In my next and final blog post for this week, I’ll tell you why I think current approaches to helping college students deal with stress are, for the most part, either outdated or ineffective. 

Free College Stress Relief E-Book

Right now, however, I want to tell you more about my completely free, downloadable PDF e-book titled College Stress Relief: What Every Student Should Know (And Spread Around) ASAP! 

college stress relief e-book

The purpose of this free e-book is to open up new conversations about how to think about and deal with stress on college campuses all across America and around the world.  Whether these new conversations will lead to any widespread improvement in college students’ abilities to deal with stress, both during their years in college and well beyond, remains to be seen. But I think the types of conversations I hope to stimulate by publishing this book are badly needed, and they may eventually move college stress education to a higher priority and hopefully to a more helpful level. 

How This Book Is Organized 

College Stress Relief: What Every Student Should Know (And Spread Around) ASAP! is a 160-page PDF e-book that is available for free download (no email required) at 

Even though this book may seem long at 160 pages, it is printed in a large font and it has lots of white space, so it’s a quick read. 

The book is divided into four main sections, in addition to a brief introduction. Here is a summary of the Table Of Contents: 

  • What You Will Gain From Reading This Book (Introduction)
  • 9 Big Myths About Stress That Are Keeping You Stuck
  • Don’t Manage Your Stress…Banish It!
  • How To Correctly Understand The Causes Of Your Stress
  • You Can Learn To Win Against Stress 

The book challenges many of the traditional principles currently be taught about how to understand and deal with stress.  In my opinion, this type of critique is long overdue. 

You can get your own copy of this free e-book by simply clicking on this link: 

You are free to make as many copies as you like of this PDF e-book and share it with your friends and fellow classmates. There are only two stipulations–that you don’t change the content, and that you don’t offer this e-book for sale, but rather always distribute it for free. 

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