Coping With Stress: How We Benefit From Knowing Stress Is Just A Word (Part2)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

In the previous post on this topic (Part 1), we began to explore exactly how we benefit from knowing stress is just a word.

We also noted that one of the main benefits of this way of thinking about stress is that it forces you to identify and define your problems more specifically.  This, in turn, encourages you to ask more problem-focused questions.

Let’s take a closer look now at some examples of these types of questions and how they can benefit you more than simply asking yourself “how can I cope with my stress?”

Problem-Focused Questions 

Consider the difference between asking yourself “How can I deal with my stress?” and asking yourself the following types of problem-focused questions:

  1. I seem to be getting angry all the time. I wonder how I can learn to better understand and deal with my anger?
  2. I seem to be worrying quite a lot. I wonder how I can learn to deal with worry?
  3. I seem to be having recurring financial problems.  I wonder what’s not working with the way I’m thinking about or dealing with money?
  4. I seem to be having little success in my interpersonal relationships.    I wonder what’s going on? And how can I improve my ability in this area?
  5. I’m feeling anxious all the time, my heart keeps racing, I feel sweaty, nervous and tense much of the time.  How can I better understand and deal with each of these emotional and physical problems?

I think it’s pretty clear that the major benefit of asking these more focused questions is they are much more targeted on the real problems you might be struggling with.

They also put you in position to identify and deal with the root causes of each specific problem you might focus on.

Asking “How can I deal with my stress?” on the other hand, immediately puts you at a huge disadvantage.

So once again, remembering stress is just a word is not a trivial exercise at all.  It’s the gateway to being able to identify and then deal with the underlying causes of your problems.





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