Doc Orman’s Stress Relief Blog: 300th Post Celebration–Part 1

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Last week, on Friday August 9, 2013, I published my 300th article on this blog.  In celebration of this milestone event, I’ve decided to feature three of my previous discussions which I hope you will find both interesting and of value.

Each of these featured discussions was originally published in three parts. Thus, I will be providing you with three separate links, so you can read them in the order they were written or in any other order that you like.

Can Philosophy Save Your Life?

The first three-part discussion I’ve selected to highlight is one that I published back in March of this year (2013).  It deals with the subject of how philosophy can reduce your stress and perhaps even save your life.  Here are the links:

Can Philosophy Save Your Life—Part 1

Can Philosophy Save Your Life—Part 2

How Many Philosophical Mistakes Are There In The Book “Ten Philosophical Mistakes”?

Please come back on Wednesday and Friday of this week to find out the two other series I have selected.


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