Don’t Manage Your Stress…Banish It!

by Doc Orman, M.D.

The Ultimate Method For Dealing With StressThis week, I am featuring a new set of four free downloadable e-books on how to master stress in your life…without having to manage it. 

I just released this complete four-book Stress Relief Secrets REVEALED library on August 9, 2012.

In my first post this week I previewed the first book in this series: 9 Big Myths About Stress That Are Keeping You Stuck.

Today, I’m going to preview the second book in the series: The Ultimate Method For Dealing With Stress…Don’t Manage Your Stress…Banish It

You can download this entire free library at  You can also refer your friends and family to this same website, where they can download this complete library for themselves as well.

NOTE:  If you’ve read my previous four-part introductory stress mastery training series, you do NOT need to read this newly updated series, unless that is, you would like a refresher.  But if you’ve never read that earlier four-part PDF series, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this one.

Why Managing Stress Is Not Your Best Coping Option

The purpose of this second book is to open your eyes to why managing stress is not your best coping option.  As I state in this book, and have acknowledged in multiple posts in the past on this blog, there is much you can gain from regularly using stress management techniques, like yoga, meditation, relaxation, physical exercise, biofeedback, etc.

However, there are some serious drawbacks to relying upon stress management techniques as your primary coping strategy.  The book explains ten of the worst drawbacks, which you probably won’t hear much about from other stress experts, or from other self-help resources about how to reduce your stress.

The Ultimate Method Explained

This second book also introduces you to a three-step coping method that I have been using, very successfully, for the past 30 years of my life.  This method is so superior to stress management—once you understand it and know how to use it properly—that I have dubbed it “The Ultimate Method For Dealing With Stress.” And when you finish reading this second book, you’ll understand exactly why I call it this.

Download Your Own Complete Library Now!

If you haven’t read my previous, in-depth, introductory trainings on how to master stress, please go to and download your entire free library right now.  When you get them on your computer, don’t put them aside and promise to get around to reading them later.  This strategy doesn’t work too well, and the likelihood is high you will never, ever get around to reading them.

Please be aware that once you download these four free e-books, I’m going to send you an email every day, for the next week, to support you in reading them all.

And if you like what you learn from this Stress Mastery Secrets REVEALED series, please be sure to share this website link with your friends and social networks.

Free Downloadable Four-Book Stress Relief Library









So if you haven’t downloaded this outstanding free library yet, go to right now and submit your best email address. Then, when you get an email response asking you to confirm your intentions, click on the highlighted link and you’ll be immediately taken to the download page.  This entire PDF library downloads as one composite .zip file.

Also, as you complete your reading of each of these e-books, please go to my main Facebook Fan Page and let me know what you learned from each.  You can also ask me questions there, or just share your impressions after reading each book.

You can access my main FB page at

Best wishes and happy reading (and learning)!

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