Emotional Intelligence And Road Rage (Part 1)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Road Rage EQ Part 1Last week, I published three blog posts here on the topic of emotional intelligence.

This sparked some interesting discussions on LinkedIn, which told me that the topic was of interest to a number of people.

So, I wanted to continue with this theme for at least another week.

What’s Your Road Rage EQ?

This week, I’m going to revisit the topic of road rage, which I covered in this blog six months ago.  I’m going to refer you back to those previous posts, and as you reread them, or perhaps read them for the very first time, I ask that you do so with an eye to the larger issue of emotional intelligence.

EQ is the equivalent of IQ when it comes to emotional intelligence.  So as you read these three posts on road rage, ask yourself “what is my EQ score with regard to road rage?”  Is it high, medium, or very low?  Do you personally suffer from road rage, or do you have members of your family who do so?

My own opinion on this is that if you do suffer from road rage, your EQ is going to be very low.  If you want to find out why I say this, just click on the link below to read the first post in this previous three-part series:

Road Rage:  What Causes It?




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