Get A Jump On Holiday Stress (Part 1)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Get A Jump On Holiday Stress Part 1The 2012 Holiday Season is right around the corner, so I’ll be devoting this week’s series of three blog posts to helping you get a jump on reducing or eliminating holiday stress.

The holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending right after New Year’s Day, is usually a very festive time of the year.  It’s supposed to be full of fun, quality time spent with family and friends, peace, joy, harmony, and lots of celebration.

Not Joyous For Everyone

Unfortunately, the holiday season can also be a time of significant stress for many people.  Demands and responsibilities can increase dramatically during this time of year.  Family tensions may rise.  Finances can become strained.  Overeating and other forms of overindulgence often occur.  And there can even be the occasional unexpected crisis or untimely major tragedy.

Thus, the holidays are not always filled with total fun and joy for all individuals, and when this happens, stress is usually the primary culprit.

How Well Do You Cope?

How well do you cope with stress that comes up during the holiday season?

  • Do you know how to keep it at bay or make it quickly disappear whenever it occurs?
  • Do you know how to recognize the main causes of holiday stress, including the internal causes that exist totally within you?
  • Are you aware that most of the main causes of holiday stress are exactly the same as the causes of your stress all throughout the year?
  • Do you know how to reduce your feelings of holiday stress without turning to alcohol, drugs, overeating, or smoking, and without even needing to use physical exercise, relaxation, or other time-consuming stress management techniques?

If you’re not able to confidently answer each of these questions affirmatively, then please stay tuned to my next two blog posts this week.  I’ll be delving deeper into questions about what really causes our holiday stress to occur, and then what we can do about these causes, once we have a much better understanding of them.

Free Holiday Stress Report

In the meantime, I encourage you to download and read my free Holiday Stress Report, which I have updated and republished for the 2012 Holiday Season. 

Have A Stress Free Holiday Season

You can download this free 32-page PDF report (no email required) by clicking on the link below:

I know it’s not even November yet, but I wanted to get this in your hands as early as possible, so you can get a jump on holiday stress this year, and keep it from becoming an issue for you.

In my next post in this series, I’ll talk about some very common misconceptions people have about what really causes stress to occur during the holiday season.


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