Get A Jump On Holiday Stress (Part 2)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Get A Jump On Holiday Stress Part 2This week, I’m encouraging you to get a jump on holiday stress, way before the holiday season officially kicks off in early November.

Today, I want to focus on the causes of holiday stress.  More to the point, I want to focus on common misconceptions people often have about what really causes their holiday stress to occur.

Holiday Stress:  What Causes Do You Consider?

Last year, I published a post in this blog titled “Holiday Stress: What Causes Do You Consider?”  In that post, I pointed out that most people typically blame the following causes, which are prevalent during the holidays:

  • Increased pressures and demands
  • Added responsibilities
  • Crowds and traffic congestion
  • Negative emotions
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Family tensions
  • Loneliness, separation, divorce
  • Overeating
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Illness
  • Unexpected crises or tragedies

However, these are only the most obvious causes—the ones that are most easily identified, because they exist outside of us and are therefore clearly visible for all  to see.  However, there’s another layer of causes of holiday stress which most people partly or completely miss.  These are the internal causes of holiday stress, which lie totally within us.

Unlike the specific external causes, which most people easily see and tend to blame for their holiday stress, internal causes are much more elusive.  Unless you have some idea of what these hidden causes are, in advance, it’s very unlikely that you will notice them.

Internal, Hidden Causes

Internal causes of stress consist of habitual thought patterns and behavior patterns that occur entirely within us

These internal causes are neither complex nor mysterious, nor are they difficult to understand.  You also don’t have to be a psychiatrist, psychologist, or any other type of professional to comprehend them. 

But it does help to know exactly what some of these hidden causes are, way before the holiday season begins.

I remind you, once again, that I’ve written a detailed 32-page PDF report on Holiday Stress that you can download for free and that reveals a number of these hidden, internal causes of holiday stress.

Have A Stress Free Holiday Season

You can immediately download this free holiday stress report (no email required) by clicking on the link below:

I’ve updated and republished this report for the 2012 holiday season, and I think you will find it both very informative and helpful.  So please go grab it now, and get yourself prepared to deal with any stressful problems that might occur during the upcoming holiday season.

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