Holiday Stress Workshop—Part 2 (Morning Session)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

This year, instead of just writing about holiday stress, I’m going to be teaching two one-day workshops in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  Each workshop will feature a full-day of stress relief training from 9am to 5pm. 

woman stressed from holiday shopping


This full day of interactive training will definitely help you reduce much of the stress you might ordinarily experience during the holidays.  It will also give you powerful new principles and strategies you can use to reduce stress all throughout the year.

Morning Session

The morning session, which goes from 9-noon followed by a lunch break, starts off with some focused introductions and a review of the overall purpose and intended results of the course.  The goal is to provide each participant with a set of powerful new distinctions for understanding human stress more deeply and for being able to more effectively reduce or eliminate it.

During the morning session, we will explore five key distinctions that will change (and improve) the way you think about stress…forever!

Here’s a brief preview of what we will cover:

What Is Stress Really?—This first key distinction removes all the confusion and misconceptions about what stress really is…and what it is not. We’ll explore this distinction deeply, and I’ll clearly demonstrate how it is superior to every other definition of stress in existence today.

Don’t Manage Your Stress—Banish It!—This second distinction reveals the weaknesses of managing stress and why it is not our best coping option. I’ll then reveal a superior coping method and will show how it can be used to deal with any type of holiday stress (or any other type of stress) we might experience.

Internal vs. External Causes—This critically important distinction makes all the difference in how well you are able to cope with stress. During this discussion, I’ll reveal some of the typically overlooked internal causes of holiday stress and will show how they relate to external causes, which most people typically focus on.

Human Automaticity—This fourth distinction will shed new light on how internal causes of stress function within our bodies.  Participants will learn how prevailing psychological theories about human stress are flawed and how a new mindset is needed.

The Ultimate Cause Of All Human Stress—This final distinction reveals the key to unlocking your natural abilities to deal with stress masterfully (i.e., more easily and effectively than you give yourself credit for).

Five Key Distinctions That Can Change Your Life

Once you have the opportunity to not only learn about each of these five key distinctions (as you are reading about them now) but also to interact with them and explore them very deeply, you’ll begin to see how they actually do have the power to change and transform your life, especially with respect to both understanding and dealing with stress.

Stay tuned for my final blog post this week, where I’ll explain what we are going to do in the second half of this full-day workshop.

NOTE: This one-day workshop will be available on two consecutive Saturdays, November 9th and November 16th.  The cost is only $19 per person.

So if you live in the Maryland area or can arrange to come in to attend either of these two Saturday workshops in Hunt Valley, please email today for registration information.  If you are interested, register quickly because seating is limited to only 30 people per workshop. 




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