How To Achieve Personal Transformation

by Doc Orman, M.D.

In my first two posts this week, I focused on what personal transformation is and what it is not:

What Does Personal Transformation Really Mean?—Part 1

What Does Personal Transformation Really Mean?—Part 2

Today, I want to share a few additional thoughts about how to achieve personal transformation.


Key Points To Remember About Personal Transformations

  1. The way you view yourself and the world is changed dramatically.
  2. This change is almost always for the better.  It allows you to accomplish things, or feel better, or solve problems that may have limited you for many years.
  3. Once a transformational change occurs, it lasts forever.  You never go back to seeing the world or thinking about the world in the ways you previously did.
  4. In short, who you are as a human being is changed for the better—permanently!
  5. Additional transformations might occur for you in the future, but the hallmark of true transformation is that once this happens for you, you never go back to your old ways.

Here are a few more examples of personal transformations that tend to be permanent once they occur:

  • Going from hating physical exercise and struggling to stick to fitness regimen to a person who thoroughly enjoys exercising daily.
  • Going from a person who frequently gets angry to a person who almost never gets angry anymore, and who calmly and happily takes most small inconveniences in stride.
  • Going from being consumed by fear just at the thought of having to speak in public to a person who can stand up in front of a group and deliver a spontaneous talk with calm, self-confidence, and joy.

I have personally experienced each of these transformations and while each of them took time to evolve, they all started off we me acquiring powerful new distinctions and powerful new understandings about life and about human beings.

I can’t tell you precisely how to go about doing this, but I do know that you first have to have a very strong hunger for acquiring such life wisdom.  And you have to have the courage to examine your existing beliefs and opinions and completely let go of them when new ones are presented to you.  This is not the easiest thing for most people to do, which is why true personal transformations are not all that common.  But they are absolutely achievable for those who pursue them correctly.

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