How To Deal With Stress Without Managing It!


By Doc Orman, M.D.

Physician, author, coach

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How To Deal With Stress Without Managing It!

Dear Friend:

Wouldn’t you love to be able to eliminate any type of tension or anxiety you might experience, quickly and easily, without having to manage it?

Think this is impossible?  Well it is not! 

I’ll explain in this e-book that you definitely can learn how to do this.  In fact, thousands are successfully learning how to deal in just this way.

It all starts with knowing how to think with a new mindset.

In this e-book, I’m going to cover four key points that will help you better understand the real truth:  what it really is, what causes it to occur, and what you should do about it.

These four points are:

  1. How popular myths and misconceptions are keeping you from being able to deal more successfully.
  2. Why managing is not your best coping option.
  3. How to correctly understand causes.
  4. How you can change the way you think, so you have much more health, happiness, and success.

I am also going to share with you several high-quality, online relief resources, that are absolutely free, and that can also help you improve the way you think, deal and cope too.

Why Listen To Me?

Should you pay any attention to what a medical doctor says when it comes to advice about how to deal with stress?  Do physicians really understand this all that well?

The answer is no, we don’t.

We understand a good bit about the consequences, especially the effects this can have on our bodies and the many health issues it can produce.  But when it comes to helping others learn how to deal with or eliminate stress, or how to deal with our own personal or professional challenges, we physicians are no more knowledgeable than anyone else.

I assert this is true because I practiced Internal Medicine for 23 years, and during that time, I encountered a large number of stressed out physician colleagues.   I also assert this is true because I was a highly-stressed physician myself, and because little of what I learned in medical school was helpful to me personally.  It was also not terribly helpful when I shared this traditional advice with my patients.

Not Your Typical Doctor

So don’t listen to me just because I went to medical school and have the letters M.D. after my name.

I invite you to listen to me because I am not a typical medical doctor.  About 30 years ago, I recognized that most of what I was taught about this topic in medical school wasn’t really true.  I then spent several years researching better ways of thinking about the topic and how to deal with it more effectively. This eventually enabled me to have major breakthroughs in my own ability to deal and cope successfully.  For the first time, I was able to take control over my issues in life, instead of  having them hold the upper hand over me.

And the benefits were truly amazing.  After many years of hopelessly struggling to deal and cope with my emotions, especially strong negative emotions like anger, guilt, frustration, fear, worry, and sadness, I finally discovered what was really causing these emotions to occur. And the new insights I gained enabled me to get rid of these bothersome emotions faster than ever before.

I was also able to dramatically improve the quality of my relationships.  Virtually every area where I previously experienced seemingly impossible difficulties quickly turned around.  And as I kept learning and discovering many new things  that ran counter to popular beliefs, I decided to teach what I had learned about how to cope and how to deal to others.

In 1981, I taught my first mastery course to employees at the hospital where I completed my medical residency.  Since then, I have conducted many additional seminars and workshops for thousands of individuals, including doctors, nurses, veterinarians, college students, business executives, and even the F.B.I.

I have authored more than 10 books on this subject of how to deal, including one of the best books on how to deal ever written, called The 14 Day Stress Cure, which received a top book-of-the-year award from the National Association of Independent Publishers in 1992.

So don’t listen to me about how to deal with stress just because I am a physician.  Consider listening to me because I’ve learned how to master this complex area and because I’ve successfully taught others how to deal well also.

You Too Can Learn How To Deal More Effectively 

I wrote this e-book to let you know that you too can learn how to deal more effectively, no matter how much you may have struggled in the past.

Wy Do I Believe this?

I believe this because I was able to learn how to master such difficulties myself, and because I have no more natural talent, intelligence, or natural abilities than you have.  The only thing I might have, that you don’t, is some professional knowledge about how to practice medicine, but this was actually a hindrance to my being able to deal, cope and understand accurately.  So you’re even better off than I was, because you don’t have all this “sacred” knowledge (much of which wasn’t true) to overcome.

So yes, you can learn to deal and cope more effectively.  But it’s not going to happen  overnight.

There is no “quick fix” or magic formula that will enable you to do this.  It will take some work and some dedication on your part, but not as much as you might think.  It will also require you to have an open mind, and to be willing to challenge much of what you currently believe to be true.

There is also no simple list of “10 Quick Tips To Help You Transform Your Understanding.”  True “transformations” of this kind don’t happen from tips. In fact, it’s foolish to think that simple tips for how to deal or how to cope with such issues, no matter how wonderful they may be, will really make a lasting difference in your ability to gain more control.

To develop true mastery, you will need to commit to becoming a learner. You will need to become a student of human reactions and emotions.  You will need to be comfortable with being a “beginner” once again, so you can accumulate new insights and new strategies for how to cope and how to deal with things that might not give you instant relief right away, but that over time, with more understanding and practice, will ultimately lead you to less anxiety, worry and tension.

Congratulations!  You’re On The Right Path

Your path to mastery begins right here…with this short introductory e-book.

I’m going to give you a roadmap to follow, and if you are interested in learning how to deal or how to cope better, or even if you just want to know a little more about it, I think you’ll find this guidance very helpful.

You’re already on your way. The first thing you need to do is understand the four key points I told you I’m going to cover in this publication.  Then, once you’ve been introduced to these four points, you can take additional steps to learn even more about them, and about how they can expand your ability to obtain relief.

As I just said, you shouldn’t  be in a hurry to have all your troubles quickly disappear.  Yes, it would be great if I could show you how to do this, but I can’t.

What I can do, however, is teach you how to fundamentally change the entire way you think, cope and deal.  I can help you build a new foundation of understanding that will serve you well for many years to come. And once you have this new foundation in place (not before), you will then be able to start using it to make most types of pressures in your life quickly disappear…without having to manage them…whenever you want.

Have patience….Grasshopper!  The relief you so dearly want will eventually come to you in time.  But first, we need to get busy building your new foundation of understanding.

Myths And Misconceptions

Are you aware that we live in a world today where this entire issue is almost universally misunderstood?  We live in a world where myths and misconceptions rule the day, and where false but popular ideas keep us from learning how to deal with our challenges successfully.

Most of us believe that stress is a “thing” or “condition” that actually exists and that human beings frequently suffer from.  This is pure nonsense.

This may sound crazy, but there is truly no such thing.  Not really.

You see, it is JUST A WORD THAT WE USE to stand for all sorts of other struggles in our lives.

For instance, we commonly use the word “stress” to stand for negative moods and emotions, such as anger, frustration, worry, or guilt.  We use the same term to refer to a whole range of relationship and interpersonal conflicts.  We also use it to refer to struggles at work, at school, financial worries, fear of public speaking, and many other everyday difficulties.

We even use the exact same word to refer to bothersome physical sensations in our bodies, such as tense muscles, feeling irritable, feeling fatigued, and much more.

Thus, whenever you think you are suffering from this modern-day bugaboo, you are not.

You are suffering from very real issues, and these are not just words.  They really do exist, and they really do bother you.  And they really can make you unhappy, unsuccessful, miserable, and sick.

The key thing to remember here is that a buzzword is NEVER, EVER your real enemy.

Something else always is.

And that something is what you really want relief from, not some abstract concep or buzzword which nobody can ever deal with.

Managing Is Not The Answer 

Another very common myth, that almost everyone believes in today, is that the best way to deal or cope is through managment techniques.  This is balderdash.

You see, managing is actually a very poor strategy to deal or cope with your bothersome issues.  Sure, it’s a heck of a lot better than using cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, or overeating to cope or deal, but it has a number of significant drawbacks that are not usually acknowledged by proponents in this industry.

The main reason why managing is such a poor strategy to cope is because, for the most part, management techniques deal with only the SYMPTOMS of your difficulties.  They rarely help you better understand or deal with the underlying CAUSES or the true sources of your difficulties.

As I’m sure you’re aware, if you only address symptoms, most of your struggles will continue to occur, and you’ll never be free of them.  Even worse, all the negative consequences that these can produce for you, such as irritability, poor health, poor sleep, etc., will continue to plague you.

Thus, while you may think you are doing yourself a favor by using management techniques, you may actually be doing yourself harm in the long run.

The Difference Between Management And Mastery

The main difference between management and mastery can be summed up as follows:

  • management deals mainly with just symptoms; 
  • mastery is the art of knowing how to deal with sources or the underlying root causes.  

That’s the big difference…in a nutshell.  And it’s an extremely important one.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather know how to deal with root causess, than to endlessly spin my wheels trying to “manage” just symptoms alone.

Now don’t get me wrong, many management techniques, such as adopting a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, meditating, practicing yoga, or using other relaxation strategies all have positive, health-enhancing benefits.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of these benefits.

But when it comes to choosing your best option for how to deal or how to cope in the very best ways, I think most people would agree that it’s usually better to deal with or cope with root causes than to simply attend to symptoms alone.

You Need To Start Getting Specific

If you are going to go after mastery, the first thing you need to do is to get more specific.

You see, once you understand this new way of thinking, it will force you to get much more specific about what specifically is actually troubling you.

  • Are you getting angry all the time?
  • Are you feeling frustrated?
  • Are you having difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep?
  • Are you having physical issues?
  • Family conflicts?
  • Marital tension?
  • Work pressures?
  • Money worries?
  • Low self-esteem? 

This is the first critical step on the path to true mastery.

On the other hand, our management mentality, which prevails just about everywhere today, teaches us to lump all our struggles together and then consider them as one composite basket  This is a terrible way to assess your situation because it robs you of the clarity and focus you need to zero in on your root causes individually, so you can identify them and then deal or cope  with them effectively.  No wonder why folks find this so difficult today, and why they believe (quite incorrectly) that achieving mastery and lasting relief is this area not really possible for them.

How Does Getting More Specific Help?

If all you are interested in is managing just symptoms, you don’t need to bother with getting more specific.

But if you want to go for mastery and long-lasting relief, and if you want to learn how to identify, deal and cope with root causes instead, you will absolutely need to develop this skill.

The reason is that specific struggles always have very specific causes. And once you become good at learning how to identify these specific causes (many of which are obscured from your view), you’ll be able to make most types of struggles quickly disappear, without needing to use drugs, relaxation exercises, or other time-consuming  management techniques.

You’ll Be Amazed How Easy This Is!  

The very best way to deal or cope with any bothersome difficulty or situation is NOT to manage just its symptoms, but rather to:

Step 1:  Specify the individual difficulty you are having.

Step 2:  Identify the major underlying causes..

Step 3:  Deal or cope with those causes until you feel much better and have more relief.

I call this three-step relief approach “The Ultimate Method,” and once you learn how to use it, your ability to deal or cope with any type of struggle in your life will improve dramatically.

I’ve spent much of the past 30 years teaching people how to deal and cope much better by effecitvely using each of these three important steps.  And the results folks have achieved, once they learn how to cope in this way are truly remarkable.

Of course, you can continue to use management techniques to cope or to deal, if you like, since  they all have positive benefits (improved stamina, increased well-being, greater relaxation, etc.).

But once you get good at identifying and learning how to deal with underlying causes, you will no longer have to be DEPENDENT upon management of symptoms as your ONLY way to deal or to cope in order to obtain lasting relief.

WARNING: Before you change any of your present practices, discuss your intentions with your physician, therapist, or other health care provider. If you abandon your current strategies that you are using to cope or to deal prematurely, (i.e., before you have fully mastered alternatives such as those mentioned in this e-book) you could cause yourself harm.

Here’s Where Things Get Interesting…

Those of us who are extremely skillful at this method to deal don’t waste time managing symptoms.  Instead, we deal by focusing on the underlying roots of our day-to-day difficulties.

Then, we deal or cope with those underlying causes directly, and guess what happens?


The particular struggle, conflict, worry or difficulty we are struggling to cope or deal with quickly and naturally lessens or, in many cases, completely disappears.

Most folks today, however, find it difficult to cope or deal with stress in this way.  Not because they lack the ability, but because they haven’t been trained to effectively cope or deal in this fashion.

Most importantly, they haven’t been properly trained to understand the true root causes of the constant, recurring struggles in their lives.  And they haven’t been taught to appreciate the difference between obvious and non-obvious sources of their reoccurring problems.

Obvious vs. Non-Obvious 

Most of us have been taught to focus on just what we easily see whenever we are feeling overwhelmed, tense or pressured.  In other words, we tend to focus primarily on what is OBVIOUS to us. We haven’t been taught to recognize or understand all the NON-OBVIOUS (i.e. invisible) root sources that are also commonly involved.

And without these additional puzzle pieces, we end up badly misunderstanding what is causing our bad feelings to occur.  If you only consider obvious things that you can easily see, your efforts to deal or to cope will usually fail.  On the other hand, once you know how to identify these less obvious root causes as well, your ability to deal and cope will increase substantially.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist, psychologist, or even a college graduate to recognize most of these non-obvious causes.  They’re not very hard to understand, nor are they all that difficult to conquer or deal with.

It’s just that nobody has taught us how to do this.  So, for the most part, these causes remain INVISIBLE to us, and therefore go unaddressed.

For example, if I asked you to name the six most important internal (within us) causes of stress in most people’s lives by filling in the blank spaces below, could you do it?  Could you name even three?


1)    _____________  2) _____________  3) _____________


4)  _____________  5) _____________  6) _____________



I’m NOT talking about the OBVIOUS ones, like your boss, your job situation, your money situation, your family, your health, etc.  I’m talking about the HIDDEN ONES that most people don’t normally recognize.

You see, it’s their INVISIBILITY, not their complexity, that makes them hard to appreciate.

But people who KNOW how to fill in all these blanks are the very same people who know how to make tension, pressures and worries easily disappear, while millions of others continue to suffer needlessly.

Which Group Do You Want To Be In?

Remember those magazines containing hidden picture games you probably enjoyed as a child?  Well, think of identifying the hidden factors you want to become better at identifying as being very similar.

With hidden picture games, you start off knowing, IN ADVANCE, which hidden objects to look for.  This is because there’s usually a list printed below the picture, telling you exactly which hidden objects should be the focus of your search. What if you had the same type of advanced knowledge about the hidden factors causing you to feel tense, nervous, frustrated or irritable much of the time?  Wouldn’t this make identifying these hidden causes much, much easier?

That’s why I’m so excited about the strategies and tools I’ve developed during the past 30 years that have helped people learn how to cope and dealmore successfully by learning how to identify these hidden factors.

NOTE: You can also get more information about my unique approach to how to deal with stress by visiting my Facebook page

Make Your Negative Emotions Quickly Disappear

Would you like to know how to make negative emotions, like anger, guilt, frustration, fear, worry, and sadness, quickly disappear whenever you want?

And would you like to know how to do this without needing to use drugs, relaxation exercises, or any other management techniques?

Well, I’ve developed advanced mastery training courses that can teach you exactly how to do this.  Like learning how to master anything, it all stems from knowing how to accurately pinpoint, and then deal with, the hidden causes underlying each of these emotions.

For example, I have a 6 CD and Study Guide home study course that teaches you how to quickly and accurately pinpoint the key hidden causes for each of the six negative emotions below:

* Anger

* Guilt

* Frustration

* Fear

* Worry

* Sadness

Do You Ever Get Angry From Time To Time?

Take the emotion ANGER for example. Think of a time in the past when you became very angry.  Perhaps someone lied to you, stole from you, betrayed you, or intentionally tried to cause you harm.

Focus, for a moment, on what the other person did to make you angry.

Good.  Now you’ve identified HALF the puzzle pieces (the OBVIOUS ones that most of us normally see).

However, if these are the only causes you know how to identify, you won’t be able to make most types of anger quickly disappear.

But, if you were trained to know how to quickly identify the other half of the puzzle pieces, namely the HIDDEN ROOTS of anger (which very few people know how to recognize), your options for how you could deal with this very common negative emotion would expand tremendously.

Of course, you could spend years trying to figure this all out yourself, as I did, or you could spend thousands of dollars on psychotherapy (as I also did) and still, in many cases, not gain this valuable understanding. Or you could simply take advantage of my advanced training programs and learn how to do this in just a matter of hours.

Caution: You’re Not Ready For My Advanced Courses Just Yet

I can teach you how to gain amazing control over your negative emotions, in due time, and that’s exactly what my advanced training programs do.

But at this early stage, you’re not ready for such an advanced level course right now.  You need to keep building your new foundation of understanding, so you’ll have the background that is needed to take full advantage of programs such as these.

In a few moments, I’ll give you a roadmap to follow, that can help you to build up and strengthen such a new foundation so you can eventually be able to deal more proficiently, but first let me tell you how I believe this will benefit you.

You Don’t Have To Keep Struggling

When I was a practicing physician, I saw the harmful effects of this tension and pressure epidemic every day…unhappy lives, poor relationships, family conflicts, depression, despair, sometimes even suicide.

I also saw the frightening toll it can have on people’s health in the form of strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other health-related diseases.

Even worse, many people turn to smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, or overeating to cope or to deal, which only puts them more at risk.

You Can End All That

I can teach you how to identify the hidden roots of your stress.  I can also show you proven ways to defeat these hidden factors consistently.

The three-step Ultimate Method that I outlined earlier, and have taught to people for more than 30 years, can certainly help you to deal better, just as it has helped thousands of others.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been suffering, or how unsuccessful at coping you may have been in the past. This method for how to cope and deal works, even for the most serious issues. 

You’ll Love The Joy And Freedom 

Believe me, I know what people go through trying to cope and trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to deal with stress.

I know the sense of helplessness and quiet despair.

But I also know the joy people experience once they learn a dependable method for how to cope and how to deal better so they can finally obtain relief.

So if you feel stressed at work, or you snap at your fellow employees from time to time, my relief methods can help.

If you want more peace and harmony in your personal relationships, or if you worry all the time and want relief, or if you can’t get a grip on your finances, my three-step relief method can help you deal much better.

If you are having physical problems–high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease, stomach troubles–you’ll be especially grateful for what my relief methods can do to help you deal and cope in new and more powerful ways.

And once you understand the secrets of my unique and powerful relief approach, you’ll be able to use the principles and strategies I’ll teach you to get relief from your troubles quickly whenever you want.

And you won’t need to rely upon drugs, cigarettes, food, alcohol, exercise, biofeedback, or other time-consuming management techniques to obtain this desired relief.

Once you become confident in your new ability to deal more powerfully, your mind will become clearer, your attitude will improve, and…you’ll feel better than you’ve felt in many years!

And best of all, you can get much of this training to achieve long-lasting relief through learning how to deal more effectively absolutely free! 

Praise From Others About My Relief Approach

Here’s what just a few of my former students have said about my unique approach to both understanding and dealing with this very common problem:

“I’ve been attending seminars on how to reduce my stress for years. After listening to your advice, I now realize that all these seminars were nothing more than band aid approaches. Your programs have shown me how to alleviate not just the symptoms of my stress, but the hidden causes as well. You have my unrestricted permission to use these comments in any and all of your promotional materials.”

Ken Varga
Lakewood, NJ

“Absolutely amazing! I listened to your audios for the first time while doing my 3-mile walk each morning. I now listen to them and review them constantly. There isn’t a person I can think of who couldn’t benefit from your outstanding insights and advice.”

Edward Starr
Pompano Beach, FL

“Loaded with fantastic information I could put to use immediately. If this doesn’t resolve your stress problems, nothing will!”

John Kypriotakis
Cleveland, OH

“Do yourself a favor and put your skepticism, doubts, and past experiences with other stress programs aside. This information is incredible, and I’m not exaggerating. I can honestly say that my ability to deal with my own and others’ stress has improved tremendously!”

Jonathan Greenburg
Calabasas, CA

Here is what a few other authors have said about my award-winning 14 Day Stress Cure book:

“Stress is one of the most overused and misunderstood concepts in today’s society. Mort Orman’s brilliant book provides a fresh, common sense approach to finally understanding what stress really is, what causes it to occur, and how we can eliminate it.”

Michael Greenberg, M.D.

Author of Off The Pedestal

“Years of clinical wisdom have melded to produce an entirely new synthesis about stress and health. Dr. Orman has written a book that is both marvelously human and easy to read. The physician, healer, and teacher is immediately apparent.”

James P. Lynch, Ph.D.

Author of The Broken Heart

and The Language Of The Heart

“Dr. Orman’s new book will definitely change the way health professionals and other people are educated about stress. I highly recommend it to any medical student, nursing student, psychologist, or other health care professional.”

John-Henry Pfifferling, Ph.D.

Director, The Center For Professional Well-Being

“Dr. Orman’s book is a wise and compassionate analysis of the major problems which cause stress in people’s lives. He clearly shows how each of us can take charge of ourselves and find relief from our emotional burdens.”

Nina Tassi, Ph.D.

Author of Urgency Addiction

“I love recommending this book to my patients, because it goes way beyond the usual `how-to’ advice about stress. I believe Dr. Orman has achieved an important new milestone for promoting health and well-being.”

Richard Feinbloom, M.D.

Author of Medical Choices, Medical Chances

Here’s Your Roadmap For Getting Started

The beauty of learning about my unique approach to dealing and coping is that once you understand the principles, and once you master some of the key coping strategies, you can then use this knowledge to deal more successfully with virtually any type of pressure or adverse situation in your life.

You can use it to deal with problems such as worry, guilt, fear, panic attacks, marital conflicts, and job-related difficulties.

You can use it to deal with the challenges of raising children, the fear of public speaking, the stress of retirement, and just about any other stressful problem you might experience.

Again, it all boils down to how well you understand the hidden causes of each of these stressful problems.  And then whether you know how to defeat those hidden causes, once you correctly identify them.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step prescription, or roadmap to follow, for how to get started learning what it takes to develop true mastery.  Most of the resources I’m about to share with you (or have already highlighted) are totally free.  Taken together, they will give you an excellent introduction to what stress mastery is all about and what will be required of you if you want to seriously pursue this goal.

Then, after you’ve learned some of the basics, and have a new foundation of understanding human stress in place, you can decide if you want to go on to more advanced levels of training (which aren’t free) but which can benefit you even more).

Here’s what I recommend you do right now:

1)    Go to and sign up to receive my free weekly digest of my blog posts, which will be automatically sent to you via email every Sunday.

Benefit to you:  This is a very convenient way to keep up with my occasional blog posts, without having to remember to come back and visit the site.  It also ensures that you won’t miss any posts.

2)    Also, while you are at this site (very important), go to the top of the page and click on the link “Common Myths About Stress” in the navigation menu located at the very top of each page.

Benefit to you:  This will give you some more information about some of the most popular myths about stress that are keeping you confused.

3) Browse the other free articles and posts that you will find on this website.

Benefit to you: There is a wealth of information about root causative factors all throughout this website, so please feel free to explore to your heart’s content.

So Much For The Free Stuff        

So there you have it.  All you have to do is follow the simple steps and access the free resources I’ve laid out for you…and you’ll be well on your way to learning how to achieve true mastery.

But if you are in a hurry to get rid of most of your stress and if you want the best personalized training available anywhere today, then I invite you to check out my newest and most powerful advanced stress relief course THE ULTIMATE STRESS RELIEF SYSTEM.  I’ve got to warn you though…this course is not free. It will actually require you to make a significant investment of time and money.  But if you are serious about wanting to learn how to master your stress and if you want to get some direct in-depth coaching from me, in addition to a wealth of high-powered training materials in our members area, then I invite you to watch this one hour recorded webinar which explains all about the very unique program.

Click here to download and watch this eye-opening webinar.

Heck.  Even if you don’t think you are willing to make this type of investment, go watch the webinar because you’ll learn some great stress relief strategies and principles from it.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you at least learned a few new things about how to deal with stress from this e-book. For instance, I hope you now know that managing stress is not your only coping option.  I also hope you’ve learned that “stress” is never your problem (something else always is), and in order to truly free yourself from recurring stress in your life, you’ll need to understand how to  attack the underlying causes of your problems, not just focus on managing or masking their symptoms alone.

I look forward to sharing many more secrets with you for achieving stress mastery by learning how to deal with stress without managing it.  Hopefully, you’ll find these additional stress relief tips just as valuable, and just as personally rewarding and stress-relieving as I have.

Wishing you much health, happiness, and success in your life,

Doc Orman, M.D.

Your Personal Stress Coach

Mort (Doc) Orman, M.D. is a Board-certified Internal Medicine physician who has been helping people learn how to eliminate stress— without having to manage it—since 1981. He is a graduate of Duke University (B.A. 1969) and the University of Maryland Medical School (1973).

He is Founder and President of the Health Resource Network, Inc., a non-profit health education organization that has sponsored National Stress Awareness month in the U.S., every April, since 1991.  He is also a co-founder of the Society for Professional Well-Being, a national association for the prevention of stress in physicians and other health care professionals.

Doc Orman has lectured widely about stress for both health professionals and the public. He has also written numerous books and articles about human stress, including an award winning book, The 14 Day Stress Cure, which received a top non-fiction book-of-the-year award (1992) from the National Association of Independent Publishers.

In the courses he offers through his Stress Mastery Academy, Doc Orman shares many of the insights and coping strategies he uses in his own life, and that have helped thousands of people deal with stress more successfully.

About The Stress Mastery Academy 

The purpose of Doc Orman’s Stress Mastery Academy is to provide you and others around the world with high-quality, innovative educational programs designed to improve your health, expand your happiness, and maximize your success in areas of life that are important to you.

Advanced training courses that are either available now, or that will be offered soon, through The Stress Mastery Academy include:

  • Overcoming Negative Emotions
  • Overcoming Relationship Stress
  • Overcoming Stress at Work
  • Overcoming Stress at School
  • Dealing With The Stress of Illness in A Loved One
  • Overcoming Public Speaking Fear
  • Dealing With The Stress of Deaths, Disasters, and Other Major Tragedies
  • Dealing With The Stress of Major Life Changes
  • Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Stress and Your Health
  • Dealing With The Stress of Retirement 

You can find out more about Doc Orman and his Stress Mastery Academy by visiting his website and blog

You can also follow him on his main Facebook Fan Page at or on Twitter @Doc_Orman.

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