How To Win Against Stress: Adopting A Winning Mindset—Part 2

by Doc Orman, M.D.

How To Win Against Stress 3

This is the third article in a six-part series on how to win against stress. If you missed the two previous articles, here are the topics that will be covered in each of the parts of this series:

How To Win Against Stress:

Creating A Winning Game Plan

Adopting A Winning Mindset—Part 1

Adopting A Winning Mindset—Part 2

Core Principles For Success

Core Strategies For Success

Leadership And Coaching

Other Components Of A Winning Mindset

In my last post, we looked at the first part of creating a winning mindset—voluntarily choosing to think of stress as a game.

“While many people think that the game of stress is a contest between you and all the external pressures, demands, and events in your life…stress is ultimately an inside game.

It’s a game between your internal strengths and your internal opponents. It’s a game between your natural abilities to be happy, calm, relaxed, confident, and effective, and all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and experiences to the contrary.”

So once you decide to consider stress as this type of game, you’ve got to have other components of a winning mindset that can enable you to defeat your internal forces that are contributing to your stress.

How Do You Acquire These Other Mindset Components?

There are many sources available to help you identify and then defeat your internal stress producers. Actually, if you’ve been following this blog for the past two years, you’ve encountered many parts of the type of mindset that’s required to win against stress. In fact, you could say that the entire purpose of this blog is—and has always been—to help you build such a winning mindset.

Go back and review some of the earlier posts on this blog. If you do, you’ll find that they can provide you with many of the missing puzzle pieces for creating a solid understanding of the nature of human stress as well as many of the internal causes of stress which most people fail to appreciate.

So once you are willing to accept that stress is an inside game, you can make use of this blog, as well as other empowering resources, to help you build a winning mindset that you can continue to use and expand upon for the rest of your life.

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