If We Change The Redskin’s Name, We Should Also Change The President’s Cup

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Here’s a brief piece that might seem to have little to do with stress…but it does.

A week ago, we were just getting started with the 2013 President’s Cup, a biennial PGA golf event started in 1994 and played this year at Muirfield Village, in Dublin, Ohio.  The event features two teams of 12 players each, one team from the U.S. and the other comprised of International pro golfers from countries other than Europe.  Europeans are excluded because they have their own exclusive biennial golfing competition with the U.S. called the Ryder Cup.

Also last week, President Obama, Honorary Chairman of the 2013 President’s Cup, weighed in on why we should change the 80-year-old name of the Washington Redskins pro football team to something less “offensive” to  American Indian ethnic groups.

There wasn’t much debate about who won the golfing competition—the U.S. team captained by Fred Couples won 18.5 points to 15.5 points over the Internationals.  However, there continues to be an ongoing controversy over whether Washington Redskin’s owner Dan Snyder should change the name of his team to something more “politically correct” because a few individuals consider it to be a “racial slur.”

Equal Sensitivity For All

In my opinion, if we are going to give in to the minority argument and force the Redskins to change their name for “sensitivity” reasons, then other minority groups should get the same sensitivity consideration as well.

For example, if we are going to do away with the name Redskins, what are we going to do with team names such as the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Milwaukee Bucs?  And if we have to get rid of all these names as well, is it really fair to allow the Dallas Cowboys to retain their name as well.

And if the fact that some people can be personally offended by the name of a sports team is an acceptable criterion for forcing that name to be expunged, we are also going to have to get rid of the name Buffalo Bills.  After all, I’m sure there are plenty of people today who are suffering severe financial hardships and who are unable to meet their financial responsibilities.  Do we really want to make these people feel worse by constantly exposing them to the word “bills” every time they listen to a sportscast?

This is why I strongly believe that if we have to give credence to this line of thought and change the name of the Redskins, we’ve also got to change the name of the President’s Cup for the very same reason.  I don’t know about you, but I played lots of sports as a kid, and I know what the term “cup” means when it’s used in a sporting context.  So I am very concerned that there will always be some people somewhere who, whenever they hear the term President’s Cup, will be personally offended by having thoughts or feelings about the President’s genitals.

So if we are going to change the name of the Washington Redskins, we should also change the name of the President’s Cup as well—just to be fair.

The Real Issue

I decided to exaggerate this point today, because it’s actually much more serious than we think.  The real issue here is: what have we done to the value of personal responsibility?  Have we really gotten to the point where if a few people work themselves up into an emotional frenzy about something that doesn’t bother 99.99% of the rest of humanity, we should move mountains to change their external environment so they don’t have to do the work of controlling their emotions themselves?

And do you really think that if someone is personally offended by the name of a sports team that changing the name is going to make them any happier?  I guarantee you, if they are so easily offended by the name of a sports team, they are going to have a hundred more things that easily piss them off when others take no offense at all.

Maybe the real problem is that we shouldn’t be using the name Redskins and “offense” in the same sentence (I’m a Ravens fan)…but really, isn’t this much ado about nothing?

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