Let’s All Call It Something It’s Not!

by Doc Orman, M.D.

It seems we have a penchant for calling things something they are not.  Case in point—“The Affordable Care Act.”  How about:

  • “bureaucratic efficiency”
  • “life after death” and
  • “low-calorie ice cream.” 

Today, I want to focus on yet another thing that’s not really what we call it—Preventive Medicine.  Take a look at this brief 1-minute video segment, where I’m explaining why I became interested in helping people learn how to reduce their stress.

True Preventive Medicine

As I point out in the video, most of what we call “preventive medicine” today is early disease detection.  Shure, we are trying to prevent future complications, once a disease has begun to take hold.  But this is very different from true preventive medicine.

I believe that true preventive medicine has to include, among other things, helping people live low stress lives.  While this might seem like an unreachable pipedream, given all of the modern pressures and demands we must cope with today, it still is possible.  You just need to have the right mindset and the right coping strategies.

In addition to reducing stress, other components of true preventive medicine include, but are not limited to: exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, and avoiding cigarettes, alcohol excess, and use of other potentially harmful chemicals.  Oh, and having good genes helps a lot too.

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