New Reality TV Show: The Stress Games—Day 1

by Doc Orman, M.D.

The Stress Games Day 1An interviewer once asked me, “If you could only give people three pieces of wisdom to help them deal with their stress—and you could never, ever give them any more—what would those three things be?” 

I answered this question then, and have decided to answer it again in this blog, by having you imagine that we are all involved in a new type of television reality show called “The Stress Games.” 

NOTE:  This is NOT an existing (or even planned) TV show—it’s totally made up!  By the way, The Hunger Games was totally made up too, but it became a real book and a wildly-popular movie, unlike the game I’m going to describe below, which exists only in my head, soon to be recorded in this blog. 

The Game Plan 

Here’s how I envision this new reality series would be played: 

  1. Forty (40) average adults, from various walks of life, who report to have very high levels of stress, would be selected as participants.  Their baseline stress levels would be measured and quantified by a team of respected stress experts, and then they would be randomly divided into 4 teams, consisting of 10 people each.
  2. Four highly successful stress coaches would then be recruited, each to lead one of the four teams (similar to the format popularized by the hit T.V. show The Voice ). However, in The Stress Games format, each coach would only be allowed to meet with his/her full team for 10 minutes a day, and only for the first 3 days of the competition.  After that, all four teams would be disbanded, with each participant returning to his or her private life. There would be no further contact with coaches or team members (i.e. each contestant would be on their own) for one full year.
  3. The job of the coaches is to impart as much knowledge and wisdom about dealing with stress as they can to their group, in just the three 10-minute sessions they will have during the first three days of the show.
  4. At the end of one year, the teams would be reassembled, and the same group of stress experts will reassess each contestant’s stress levels, and the team with the most overall improvement (i.e. reduction in stress) would be declared the winners, and all members of the winning team would receive glorious prizes consisting of cash, cars, vacations, and whatever else their hearts desire (remember—this is all made up!) 

You’re On My Team! 

Let’s now imagine that I am one of the four successful stress coaches (this part is not imaginary) and that you are one of the lucky ten people assigned to my team.  It’s Day 1 of the competition, and you, me, and the other nine members of our team are all assembled in a small room for our ten minutes of empowering instruction.  At the very same time, the three other teams are also meeting with their respective coaches. 

Now, here’s the first piece of wisdom I would give you, and the rest of my team,  on Day 1: 


Yes, that’s right. I’d tell you to forget everything, with one exception—the notion that too much stress may possibly make you sick. 

I’d instruct you to completely “clean your slate” when it comes to thinking about stress and get rid of every idea or “truth” you may believe in.  For example, I’d tell you to get rid of any thoughts you have about: 

  • What stress is.
  • What causes it to occur.
  • Whether some stress might be good for you.
  • And what the best methods are for reducing it. 

Then, I’d tell you to spend the rest of the day continuing to empty your mind about stress, so that you can come back tomorrow with an absolutely blank slate.  Then tomorrow (Day 2), I will tell you the two or three things to add back in, so that you can be empowered to maximally reduce your stress during the next twelve months of the competition. 

Stay Tuned…. 

Want to find out what I’d say to my team on Day 2?   Well come back to my next blog post, two days from now, and I will tell you.


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