No-Nonsense Stress Help–Dealing With Causes

by Doc Orman, M.D.

This week, I’ve been reminding you of how this stress relief blog differs from other stress-relief resources you are likely to find on the web.

In my first post this week, I pointed out that this blog is different because:

  • It DOESN’T offer quick-fix tips to help you reduce your stress.
  • It DOESN’T encourage you to use stress management techniques.
  • It exposes you to common myths and misconceptions about stress.
  • It helps you think about stress more correctly and much more powerfully.
  • It helps you understand why managing stress is not your best coping option.

In my second post, I highlighted a three-step coping method that I have found to be far superior to stress management.  This method helps you to identify and then deal with the underlying causes of your stress, rather than constantly struggling to manage just its symptoms alone.

Identifying Causes

The biggest reason why most people are not able to use this three-step method successfully is because they find it difficult to correctly pinpoint the true underlying causes of their stress.  This is because we’ve all been trained, by our culture, to think about the causes of stress incorrectly.

Mostly, we’ve been taught to focus on external causes.  These are the easily identifiable things that happen to us in life, like the actions of others, external demands, deadlines, and other external events or circumstances that we don’t like.

This way of thinking mostly ignores all the internal causes of our stress.  And internal causes are always involved, even when it appears that external causes are primary.

Challenge beliefs that are causing you to have stress

One of the major benefits of this blog is that, if you follow it regularly, it can help you improve your understanding of the internal causes of your stress.

Look back on all of the 370 previous posts of this blog and you will see this is true.  Each one either directly or indirectly illuminates some internal thought pattern or behavior pattern that contributes to stress in our lives.

This is the type of knowledge you need in order to utilize the Ultimate Method For Dealing With Stress successfully.  So if you keep on following this blog to gain more and more insights into these internal causes and what you can do about them.

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