No-Nonsense Stress Relief Help

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Truths are illusionsIt has been well more than two years since this stress relief blog was launched on September 12, 2011.  Prior to today, 368 posts have been published here, and this is now my 369th entry.

Not Your Typical Stress Advice Blog

From the beginning, my vision has been to provide you with fresh and helpful insights about stress that are not available on most other blogs on this topic.   I believe I have stayed true to the purpose which I originally announced in my second post (09/14/2011) and which you can revisit through the link below:

In short, this blog is about a new and different way of thinking about stress.   In my more than 30 years of working with people to help them reduce their stress, my guiding principle has been this:

Principle:  People are incredibly capable of eliminating most of the stress in their lives if they can just overcome many of the myths and misconceptions they have been taught to believe in and that are rampant in our society.

Consistent with this principle, if you look back at any group of posts previously published here, you will find that they differ from other stress relief sites in the following four key ways:

  • They DON’T offer you quick-fix tips or other simplistic advice to help you reduce your stress.
  • They DON’T encourage you to use exercise, meditation, relaxation practices, or any other stress management techniques.
  • They consistently expose common myths and misconceptions about stress and help you to think about stress in more accurate and self-empowering ways.
  • They help you to understand stress much better as the uniquely human experience that it is, and as you improve your understanding, your ability to deal with stress should naturally improve.

All About Causes

With few exceptions, stress management techniques help you address just the symptoms of your stress…and that’s it.  They rarely improve your ability to recognize and deal with underlying causes of your day-to-day difficulties.

That’s why I felt a blog such as this one was needed.

In many of the 368 previous posts, I have tried to shed light on internal causes of stress in our lives.  These internal causes consist of faulty thought patterns and behavior patterns that exist within us.  Thus, they are often hidden from our view.

As a result of this, we tend to focus on external causes, which are far more easy to see.  However, this short-sightedness causes us to repeatedly struggle with recurring stress in our lives even though we have the power within us to eliminate most of them.

I’ll say more about these natural stress-reducing skills, which we all possess, in my next two new posts this week.  So stay tuned.

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