No-Nonsense Stress Relief (Part 2)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

No-Nonsense Stress Relief Part 2For my 218th entry in this blog, I want to highlight a key theme about relieving stress that is always being expressed here, either directly or indirectly.

This theme is that there is much better way to deal with stress than to manage it.

There is a very simple way to think about stress, and attack it, that I am trying to promote here and that you won’t find being talked about in many other places on the web today.

The Ultimate Coping Method

I call this approach “The Ultimate Method For Coping With Stress,” and I have written about it multiple times in this blog and in books, free reports, and other training programs I have authored.

In a nutshell, this method assumes that managing stress is not your best coping option.  Not only is this very hard work, and very time-consuming, but because it mainly addresses just the symptoms of your stress…and not causes…the likelihood is high that your stress will continue to reoccur, over and over again.

On the other hand, there is a simple three-step coping method that can help you learn how to eliminate your stress—sometimes even permanently—by identifying and dealing with its underlying causes.

This Ultimate Method can be summed up as follows:

STEP 1—Identify your problems specifically and correctly.

STEP 2—Identify the major causes (both internal and external) for each specific problem you may be facing.

STEP 3—Deal with these major causes effectively until your stress either lessens or completely disappears.

Simple…But Not Easy!

If you think about this three-step Ultimate Method for coping with stressful problems in life, you can see that it is not really new.  In fact, it has been used successfully from time to time by all human beings, including yourself, throughout human history.

And while the three steps involved are indeed very simple to describe, they are not all that easy to execute…else everyone would be using this method effectively all the time.

There is one particular reason, however, why most people find it difficult to use this three-step method consistently and successfully.

I’ll address this important reason in my next and final post for this week.

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