Signs Of Emotional Wellness–Part 1

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Emotional Wellness Part 1

Recently, Dr. Shannon Kolakowski, PsyD, a licensed psychologist published an article on The Huffington Post titled “7 Signs Of Emotional Wellness.”  In this short article, she identifies the seven “most salient factors psychologists find in people who are emotionally well.”

I looked at this list of factors and found it to be a pretty good list.  There are probably other factors that are equally important, but Dr. Kolakowski’s list is an excellent start.

The 7 Salient Factors

Here is the list that appeared in the Huffington Post article:

1. You treat others well.

2. You like who you are. 

3. You’re flexible.

4. You hold gratitude for your loved ones.

5. You’re in touch with your emotions.

6. You have meaning in your life. 

7. You value experiences more than possessions.  

I’m going to focus each of my blog posts this week on three of these seven emotional wellness factors which I believe are most important.  Today, I want to talk about the value of being flexible.

How Flexible Do We Need To Be?

There are many way we could look at the virtue of flexibility.  Are you flexible in your beliefs about life?  Are you flexible about your opinions?  Are you flexible in how to relate to other people, or do you have only one or two ways that you use with just about everyone?

Are you flexible about how fast things happen around you?  Can you go to the beach and relax just as easily as spending a day in intense, focused activities?

Perhaps the highest form of flexibility is exemplified by the example of becoming a master at martial arts.  Here, you function totally in the moment, without preconceived plans or strategies, and you respond automatically and appropriately to whatever force is coming at you.  It is possible to develop the same form of mastery and flexibility when it comes to dealing with mental and emotional challenges as well.  To be able to deal flexibly with any unexpected challenges life throws at you is at the heart of emotional wellness.  Without this very important skill, you will frequently run into emotional ups and downs that may result in unnecessary suffering and stress. 

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