Stink Bug Stress (Part 2)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stink Bug Stress Part 2Do you have stink bugs in your house?  If you do, are you ever stressed by them? Or do you have any friends or family members whose lives have become disrupted by having to deal with these common pests which are very difficult to eliminate?

If you live in an area where stink bugs are not yet a problem, consider yourself fortunate.  In my world, they are constant companions in our home.  They are supposed to be more prevalent in the fall and spring months, but we have them all year long.  Yet as I mentioned in my first post this week, my wife and I are not terribly stressed by them.

Sure they are a nuisance sometimes.   And yes, we’d rather not be sharing our home with them.  But we’ve settled into a nice accommodation with them and are pretty much at peace with our situation.  My wife will pick them up and kindly usher them back outside, whereas I will find as many as I can each day and flush them down the toilet.

Yet there are plenty of people who have not adjusted well to their own stink bug infestations.  What’s fundamentally different about their way of responding that has them become stressed, whereas other people are not?

A Very Important Stress Relieving Skill

The major difference, if you ask me, is the power of acceptance.  This undervalued and often under-appreciated skill is one of the best stress relievers I have ever found.  It is very handy for dealing with stink bugs, as well as hundreds of other potentially stressful situations—both large and small.

According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, here are some of the ways to define the verb “accept”: 

  • to receive willingly, as in accepting a gift.
  • to give admittance or approval to.
  • to endure without protest or reaction.
  • to regard as proper, normal, or inevitable.
  • to recognize as true.
  • to make a favorable response to, as in accepting an offer.
  • to agree to undertake a responsibility, as in accepting a job.

Of all these definitions, the one I find most relevant and stress relieving is the third one in this list:

  • to endure without protest or reaction

It is the protesting, both externalized and internalized, that causes most of the stress associated with stink bugs. It is also protesting that causes many other types of stress in life about other things we would prefer to be different than they are.

People who are stressed by stink bugs probably have other issues with accepting things in their lives.  In general, you either have this coping skill and make use of it frequently, or you don’t.  It’s rarely isolated to just one or two minor things which you can’t willingly accept.  It’s much like people who suffer from repeated road rage—you can be pretty sure they have other anger issues in their life as well.

“Enduring” Is Not The Best We Can Do

For me, acceptance does mean “enduring without protest” but the enduring part doesn’t quite capture the full scope of this powerful coping skill.  There are many things in life we can force ourselves to endure, but internally we are still not very happy about them.

I like to think of the coping skill of acceptance as not just enduring or putting up with things.  I like to think of it as accepting things as they are but then, once you do this, finding ways to be happy about whatever you’ve just accepted. I see it as adding creativity and sometimes even humor to the picture.

Reluctant acceptance is better than no acceptance at all, but creative, positive acceptance is one of the greatest coping skills of all.

If you told me there was a way to safely and completely eliminate stink bugs from my house, would I pursue this option?  I’d do it in a heartbeat.  And if there were things I could do to reduce the number of stink bugs gaining entrance to my house every day, I would exercise these options as well.

But as long as they are still here, with me every day, I’m going to do my best to graciously accept their presence and deal with them as positively and as creatively as I can.

Stay tuned for my third and final post on this topic, where I’ll address the flip side of acceptance and will show how this way of reacting is a huge cause of stress in many people’s lives.

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