Stop Negative Thinking (Part 3)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Woman negative thoughtsWell, if you’re reading this post now, and you haven’t downloaded my new stress relief book Stop Negative Thinking from the Amazon Kindle bookstore, you missed the five day window to get it for free. 

But fear not.  It’s still available at a very low price (for now) which is still a great bargain given all the value it contains.  And if you are an Amazon Prime member, as I am, you can still download it for free for at least the next two months.

Why Read This Book?

As I mentioned in my previous two posts this week:

“…you do NOT need to be a serious negative thinker in order to benefit from this book. That’s because we all suffer from negative thinking from time to time, and this can cause us unnecessary emotional distress, relationship conflicts, and a whole host of other stressful problems.”

If you ever get angry, for instance, you are engaging in negative thinking. If you ever feel sad or depressed, you are looking at things negatively.  If you ever get into arguments after criticizing your spouse, or fighting with your kids, you probably are engaging in some negative thinking, either before, during, or after these very common types of interpersonal conflicts.

So we all could benefit from gaining a little more insight about how negative thinking occurs as a uniquely human phenomenon.

What This Book Contains

In this guide, you’re going to learn why most of the advice for reducing negative thinking being offered today doesn’t work. You’re going to learn why positive thinking doesn’t work, why repeating positive affirmations over and over again doesn’t work, and even why trying to stop your negative thoughts from occurring doesn’t work either.

Instead, you will get a ten-step success plan that really does work and that can help you free yourself from any unwanted impacts or stress that negative thinking can sometimes bring into your life.

Here is a quick glimpse of the ten key topics this book covers:

1. Why negative thinking isn’t the problem…something else is!

2. Why the more focused you are, the less intelligent you appear.

3. The number one thinking habit that repeatedly gets you into trouble.

4. Why you can’t stop thinking negatively even if you want to.

5. There are a lot of things in the “box” called “life”…except for this.

6. If you think tax assessments are bad…this one’s even worse.

7. Do you know what your current relationship to negative thinking is (and why you should change it)?

8. What is the best relationship to have towards negative thinking?

9. How often do you suppose you are wrong?

10. What is “flipping to the opposite reality” and how can it help you finally see the light?

So, if you missed the 5 day free download period, go to Amazon’s Kindle bookstore anyway and purchase your own copy TODAY. 

Stop Negative Thinking For Kindle

Then, if you like what you learn, leave a comment below, or better yet, go back to Amazon and leave a glowing customer review.


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