Stress And Illness–Part 3

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stress And Illness Part 2 

Today, I’m going to examine a third aspect of the relationship between stress and physical illness–concerns about developing health problems which haven’t yet occurred.

Earlier this week, I covered two other aspects of the relationship between stress and illness:

1)    Physical symptoms or health problems which develop within us; click here

2)    Physical symptoms or health problems which develop in others we care about; click here

Fear Of Getting Sick

Even when we are healthy and well, the fear of getting sick can cause us to experience stress. Will I get AIDS?  Will I develop cancer? Am I eating the right foods?  Is my blood pressure O.K?  Is my cholesterol too high? 

These and many other health-related concerns can be in the background of our thinking every day.

We can also have concerns about illness developing in our friends and loved ones. What if my husband has a heart attack?  What if my wife becomes ill? What if my child becomes a drug addict?  Will my friend make it through surgery?

Thus, questions, concerns, and worries about our health can be pervasive sources of stress in our lives.

High Levels Of Uncertainty

Added to these concerns is the very high level of uncertainty that exists today about health and illness.  There is so much information (and misinformation) circulating around today that it is hard for anyone, even health professionals, to know what is really true with certainty.

And wherever there is uncertainty about areas of life that we are vitally concerned about—stress will be aggravated.

Much More To Explore

In my three posts this week, we have seen just a few examples of the complex relationship between stress and illness.  The topic is much broader and deeper than can be covered in a few short discussions like these.  But hopefully, it will stimulate you to explore this relationship more closely.

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