Stress And Truth: How Can This Relationship Help Us?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stress And Truth Part 3This week, I’ve been talking about the relationship between stress and truth.  If you missed either of the first two parts of that discussion, here are the links so you can read them and catch up:

Stress And Truth: Are They Related?

Stress And Truth: What Does This Explain?

How Does This Help?

How can you benefit from understanding that stress and truth are related?   I previously pointed out that when our personal beliefs about life are not consistent with reality, problems and stress will usually follow.  So finding out where you might have faulty beliefs about life is a very good strategy for both preventing and eliminating many types of stress.

Let’s take a look as just four ways you might do this.

Understand What’s True (And Not True) About Stress

When you aren’t totally clear about what stress is, where it comes from for human beings, and what the best options are for dealing with it, you will probably have challenges dealing with stress successfully.  Unfortunately, most people are confused about each of these three key aspects.  Hence, most people struggle when it comes to freeing themselves from stress.

One of the primary purposes of this blog is to help clear up this confusion. Just look over some of the previous posts here and you should be able to dramatically improve your understanding of what’s really true about stress.

What Other Things Do You Believe That Aren’t Really True?

Take any area of life where you are experiencing recurring problems and start asking yourself “what might I believe about this part of life that may not be true?”

If you are having stress or problems in any area of life, you probably have a number of false beliefs about that area.  For example, if you are having frequent relationship conflicts, you probably have ideas about relationships and how they are supposed to work which aren’t really true.  If you can spot some of these faulty assumptions and then correct for them, your relationships should begin to improve as a consequence.

Yes, it’s not easy to figure out where you might be harboring false beliefs, especially on your own.  But once you become sincerely interested in rooting them out, you’ll gradually become better at it and you’ll be much more open to input from others.

What Am I Missing Whenever I’m Angry?

The next time you get angry and find it difficult to quickly get rid of this feeling, try asking yourself “what might I be missing that is keeping my anger from resolving?”   Often, when we become angry, we’re thinking or perceiving in ways that are not consistent with reality.  If you are having trouble eliminating your anger, once it’s become triggered within you, it helps to start searching for where your beliefs, opinions, attitudes, or assumptions might be wrong.  Get good at this skill and you’ll find it very hard to get angry or stay angry for very long.

What Are You Missing When You Have Other Negative Emotions?

Anger isn’t the only human emotion that’s often fueled by faulty thinking or perceiving.  Most negative emotions are as well, including guilt, fear, worry, frustration and persistent sadness.

So the next time you are stressed by any persistent negative emotion, start looking around for where you might be making false assumptions or where you might be drawing false conclusions.  The interesting thing about this coping strategy is that once you start looking for these types of flaws in your thinking or perceiving, you’ll usually find some that previously escaped your attention.


Well, there you have some food for thought about how stress and truth are often related.  Once again, if you missed either of the first two parts of this discussion, please click on the links above to read them.

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