Stress Awareness Month 2013 Grand Finale (Part 3)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Grand Finale Stress Awareness Month Part 3

For this last full week of Stress Awareness Month 2013, I have been highlighting three of the best blog post series I have published in this blog since its inception in September, 2011.

On Monday, I highlighted one of the most important stress relief principles, namely that stress is just a word and how each of us can benefit from deeply understanding this.

On Wednesday, I referred you to a three-part series I published in August 2012 called The Stress Games. This series is about a hypothetical T.V. reality game show, somewhat like “The Voice,” but dealing with stress instead.

Feedback Or Failure?

Today, I want to take you back to a series of posts I published here in late September 2012.  They all have to do with how you view stress and how this can make a critical difference in your ability to cope successfully.

Did you know that you have choices to make in how you relate to stress?  One choice, which we revisited on Monday of this week is how you choose to define stress.  But there are other choices that are equally important, and one of the biggest of these is explained in the series of three posts below (especially in the 2nd and 3rd entries in this series).

How Do You View Stress? (Part 1)

How Do You View Stress? (Part 2)

How Do You View Stress? (Part 3)

Hope you have enjoyed Stress Awareness Month this year and keep following this blog to get more insights and coping strategies in the months and years to come.



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