Stress Awareness Month: Do We Really Need It?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stress Awareness Month 2013 Part 3Monday April 1st is the beginning of National Stress Awareness Month 2013.

During this 30-day time period each year, health professionals and health care organizations all across the country are encouraged to promote increased awareness about the dangers of stress, about successful coping strategies, and about harmful misconceptions concerning stress that are prevalent in our society.

Don’t We Already Know Enough About Stress?

Many people think they don’t need more personal awareness about stress.  “I’m pretty aware of my stress…I live it every day,” they will say.

True, but that’s not what Stress Awareness Month is all about.  It’s about becoming more aware of what you may not know about stress.  And often what we don’t know about stress is a whole lot more vast then what we do know about it.

Even worse, there are many things we think we know about stress that aren’t really true.  This is my particular area of interest, and it’s what I tend to focus on when I try to expand people’s awareness about stress.

Focus On Anger And Forgiveness

For example, I’ve decided to focus on two important aspects of anger this April.

One is how to eliminate recurring feelings of irritability in response to life’s many major or minor annoyances. 

The Irritability And Anger Cure Book

The second is to help people deal with chronic, lingering anger and resentment by exploring what it takes to truly forgive.

The Art Of True Forgiveness Kindle

Both of these books reveal things many people don’t already know.  And by raising your awareness about these things, you can have much less irritability and much more forgiveness anytime you want.

Keep your eyes open next week when the first of these excellent stress relief resources, The Irritability Cure kindle book, becomes available on Amazon. It can be downloaded from the Amazon Kindle store for free, starting Monday, April 1 and running all week long through Friday, April 5th.

And if you do get this book and read it, please go back to Amazon and leave a review to share your opinions about it with others.

Or you can opine about it on Facebook or tweet about it to your followers using #stressawarenessmonth as your hashtag.



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Larry Kessler March 29, 2013 at 1:10 PM

I’m so glad you’re highlighting these lesser known aspects of stress. Congratulations on your new books.


Harry Campbell April 1, 2013 at 11:40 AM

I believe that we do need to continue talking about stress awareness. People usually agree that they experience stress and then just continue on with what they have been doing. Most people don’t understand how damaging stress can be if not addressed properly. There are so many effective things that can be done to minimize the negative effects. Many people do nothing because they don’t appreciate the real potential costs that stress presents.

Thank you for making your book available.


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