Stress Mastery: Are You In Need Of A Blueprint Repair?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

When was the last time someone asked you if you might need a blueprint repair?  Probably never, I would assume.

Yet most of us could benefit from one, so it’s curious that we don’t ever think in these terms.

What Is A Blueprint Repair?

blueprint1First, I want to talk about blueprints for a moment.  A blueprint is typically something you write down on paper to guide you in taking actions to achieve a desired goal.  The best-known type of blueprint is the architectural design blueprint.  This is a detailed set of plans that builders constantly reference to construct quality structures that will last for many years.

But we also have mental blueprints that are not written on paper.  These are conceptual roadmaps we have about how to accomplish various goals in our lives.  For example, we have mental blueprints that we reference in order to:

  • Stay healthy and avoid developing illness
  • Create harmonious relationships with others
  • Be successful in marriage
  • Manage our money
  • Study and learn about a new topic of interest
  • Be happy
  • Deal with unexpected problems and change

We are not consciously aware of most of the specific blueprints we have.  But they are there—in the background of our thinking—nonetheless.

How Good Are Your Personal Blueprints?

Since we don’t have much conscious awareness of the many different mental blueprints we have, it can be hard to look at each one individually to assess its strengths and weaknesses.  However, we can get a gauge on how good our blueprints are by the quality of what we produce in our lives.

For example, if you frequently have problems and conflicts in your relationships, you probably have a faulty relationship blueprint that you are mentally referencing.

If you are frequently unhappy in life, you probably have a poorly designed happiness blueprint.

If you are overweight, you have a poorly designed weight control/eating/self-control blueprint


Stress Is A Sign Of Multiple Faulty Blueprints

Based on similar logic, if you have any type of stress in your life, you most likely have multiple faulty blueprints.  For starters, you probably have a general faulty blueprint about what stress really is, where it comes from for human beings, and what you can do to eliminate it.

But since “stress” is simply a buzzword we use to stand for multiple other problems in our lives, each of these specific problems we are having when we say we are “under stress” also probably have inadequate blueprints underlying them.

Thus, for most people, the answer to the question I originally posed is “Yes, I believe I am in need of one or more blueprint repairs.”  Funny that each of us goes through life with many faulty blueprints, yet almost nobody talks about this.

This must be why somebody created blogs!  

In my next two posts this week, I’ll have more to say about this very important but often neglected topic.

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