Stress Mastery: Do Telemarketers Drive You Bonkers?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

telemarketer stress 1As I was thinking about what to blog about this week, I happened to stumble upon a Quora post featuring one person’s response to the question:  What are some fun things to do when a telemarketer calls?

The featured answer was not an original one as I’d heard several times before—you tell the call you’re very interested in talking with them, but could they hold on for just a moment while you tend to something. Then you put the phone down, walk away and just let the caller hang there.

Obviously, this response alone was not worth writing about.  But it made me think of the much larger subject of telemarketer stress…which I do find well worth examining.

Do Fun And Telemarketers Really Go Together?

Actually, the question in the Quora post was much more revealing than the suggested answer.  Do you think most people normally think about telemarketers and fun in the same sentence?   I assume most people don’t.  But why is that? Why don’t we more frequently look at how to have fun with life’s little annoyances?

We seem to have a penchant for repeatedly getting upset when life doesn’t go our way.  After all, do you really expect that telemarketers will never call you?  I know there’s a widespread fantasy called the “Do Not Call List,” but don’t you still get pestered by telemarketers—maybe not as often—even if you are active on this list?

So why not think about how you might be able to have some fun when a telemarketer calls?  It sure beats getting furious, writing nasty letters to your congress person, or remaining upset for hours after the call has ended.

Maybe you could come up with something even more creative (and less vindictive) than the responder to the Quora question did.  Maybe you could put your playful, happy cap on and engage the caller in some other type of interaction.

Regardless of what you come up with, just the act of shifting your focus from being a helpless, upset victim of telemarketing tactics to a person who takes control of the situation and aims to turn into something fun has real power and genius in it.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could respond to countless other daily annoyances in this very same way?

For my next post this week, I’ll share an example from my own life of how I creatively dealt with a similar annoying circumstance.

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