Stress Mastery: Would A Blueprint Repairman Be Busier Than A Maytag Repairman (Or Repairwoman)?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

This week, I started a discussion about whether you might be in need of a blueprint repair?  If you missed that opening post, here’s the link:

Post One In This Three-Part Series

About a year ago, I published a post on this blog called “College Stress Counselors: Are They Lonelier Than Maytag Repairmen?”  The point of this article was that college students, despite all the stress they have, are generally reluctant to seek help from their local college counselors.  Thus, college stress counselors would probably be lonelier than Maytag repairmen.

The inspiration for that article came from a 2007 series of television ads designed to give the impression that Maytag washers and dryers were so well-made that they hardly ever needed repair. These commercials featured the actor Clayton Earl Jackson in the role of a sad, but likable, repairman who kept repeating the slogan that Maytag repairmen were “the loneliest guys in town.” 

Who Would Be Busier?

Today, I want to ask a similar question using the same Maytag repair-person standard:  Who would be busier—a blueprint repairman or a Maytag repairman?

My answer:  in an ideal world, blueprint repairmen (like college stress counselors) would be so in demand that they wouldn’t be able to handle all the work coming their way.

After all, if we really told the truth about how good our mental blueprints really are, we would have to admit that many of them are definitely in need of an upgrade.  And some may need to be gutted and replaced entirely.

Once again, if you accept the premise that all stress comes from—at a very fundamental level—having multiple faulty blueprints about life, then all you have to do is count the amount of stress in our society today, and you get a sense of how many of our individual blueprints, population-wide,  are truly in need of repair.

I know this is not a common way of talking about stress—or about blueprints for that matter—but think about it for a while and see if it holds water.  And if it leaks, you could always consider the Maytag repairman option.

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