Hidden Causes

One of the main features that distinguishes Doc Orman’s teachings about stress is his focus on helping you better understand and then deal with the Hidden Causes of your problems.

For the most part, people tend to focus on just the obvious causes of their stress.  These causes are usually external, and they consist of easily recognized circumstances in life, like:

  • The behavior of other people
  • Externally imposed pressures, deadlines, and other external demands
  • Situations, such as traffic jams, interruptions, or failing to achieve one’s goals
  • Events, such as tragedies, disasters, holidays, or having to speak in public
  • Concerns, such as fear of losing one’s job, fear of crime, fear of terrorism, or fear of getting sick.
  • Plus many others

Hidden Causes Are Usually Internal


In contrast to the obvious causes of stress, there are also non-obvious or “hidden” causes that take place primarily within us.  These internal causes consist of two main categories:  Conversations and Action Patterns.

According to Doc Orman, the term “conversations” is just a more accurate way of referring to thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, theories, judgments, evaluations, interpretations, philosophies, and other internal cognitive processes.  After all, these become established within us through language, and through the multitude of conversations we have with ourselves and with others, throughout our lifespan.

The term “action patterns” is just another way of referring to habitual behavior patterns, which all human beings have.  When it comes to being contributory causes ofour stress, action patterns include both habitual actions that we tend to take, as well as habitual patterns of not taking certain actions.  For example, habitually failing to ask for help, when you need it, is a very common causes of persistent stress for many human beings.

Become A Student Of Hidden Causes


According to Doc Orman, in order to be able to develop true mastery over your stress, you need to become an expert at dealing with the underlying causes of stress in your life, not just become adept at managing its symptoms.

And in order to deal with the underlying causes of your stress expertly, you will need to become proficient at both recognizing and dealing with the specific internal causes that are operating within you, and which you typically have not been trained to see.

The first step to developing stress mastery, therefore, is to decide to become a life-long student of the Hidden Causes of human stress.  And the more you become aware of these Hidden Causes within yourself, the more you will begin to see these very same causes operating in the background to produce stress for other people.

Actions You Can Take


There are many ways you can begin to learn about these Hidden Causes of human stress.  One way it to continue to follow Doc Orman’s blog posts, which will often address this subject.  Another way is to subscribe to Doc Orman’s free monthy Stress Relief Insights Newsletter.  Each issue will feature one key Hidden Cause of stress, which will then be examined in greater detail.

Another way is to sign up for any of the more advanced stress relief programs offered through Doc Orman’s Stress Mastery Academy.  All of these courses are designed to educate you and empower you to both recognize and deal with specific hidden causes of whatever types of stressful problems might be bothering you.

The best way to get an introduction to the nature of Hidden Causes, is to take advantage of Doc Orman’s four-part, introductory series of Stress Mastery PDF trainings.  You can find out more about this introductory training at http://stressmasteryacademy.com.





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