Stress Relief Blog By Doc Orman Launches Today–9/12/2011!

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Welcome Aboard!

Hi, Doc Orman here and I’d like to welcome you to Day 1 of this very unique stress relief blog.


Physician, Author, Stress Coach

There are five ways this blog/website differs from other resources about stress:

1) It is based on a radically different way of thinking about what stress is, where it comes from, and what you should do about it.

2) It promotes a different (and in my opinion better) coping method than stress management.

3) It focuses on learning how to identify (and deal with) hidden causes of stress.

4) It rejects the widespread belief that stress is an inevitable, unavoidable aspect of modern life.

5) It highlights major myths and misconceptions about stress that may be keeping you from dealing with stress more effectively.


New posts will appear on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When you subscribe via email or RSS feed, you’ll gain:

· Helpful advice for eliminating stress…without having to manage it.

· Knowledge about popular myths about stress that are keeping you from being as happy, healthy, and successful as you can be.

· Principles and Strategies for both understanding and dealing with stress more effectively.

· Insights into the hidden causes of stress in your life (and what you can do about them)

· Four free introductory Stress Mastery trainings (PDFs) that will change the way you think about stress forever!

· Other free reports and articles that address specific stressful problems in life.

· Product reviews, book reviews, and other evaluations, to point you toward high-quality stress-reducing resources that I personally believe in and endorse.

In addition, you can also sign up for my free monthly Stress Relief Insights Newsletter, via email, where you’ll receive additional stress relief information, reviews, and special offers that will be published in the newsletter well before they appear on this blog.  Each issue will focus on one common hidden cause of stress, which will be discussed in more detail than any mention in this blog.

To immediately download the first of my free introductory Stress Mastery trainings (Common Myths About Stress), just click on the highlighted link. There is no email or registration required to instantly download this 30-page, content-packed PDF training.  If you like what you learn here, simply follow the directions at the end of the training to register and receive the other three free PDF trainings in this series.

Hope you enjoy this blog, and please feel free to explore any other parts of this stress relief website that might be of interest to you.  Please use the “subscribe” button at the top of each page to sign up for the RSS feed of your choice.  You can also use the two additional sign up forms on each page to subscribe to this blog via email (if you prefer this over RSS) and to register to receive my monthly free newsletter.  Also, you will always find a convenient immediate download link (no email required) at the top of each page, above the header and Nav Menu, where you can download the first of my four-part free Stress Mastery trainings, and where you can direct others you know who might be interested in receiving this outstanding free training as well.


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