Stress Relief Book Review: The Art Of Possibility

by Doc Orman, M.D.

The second stress relief book I want to recommend to you this week is The Art Of Possibility: Transforming Professional And Personal Life. This New York Times bestseller was written by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander. Rosamund (Roz) is a psychotherapist and designer of innovative personal and professional development programs. Benjamin (Ben) is a teacher and conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.

Art Of Possibility Book

The best way to tell you about the benefits of reading this fantastic book is to focus on the two most important words in the title: transformation and possibility.

The major theme all throughout this book is that there are two distinct worlds each of us inhabit. The first one is the world we normally see and know, which Roz and Ben call the “downward spiral,” where life is largely dominated by survival and competition.

The second world we live in, simultaneously, is the world of Possibility (with a capital “P”). In this world, you consciously view your life as a moment-to-moment product of your own creation, based upon the stories you choose to tell. In this world, you can continue to view life from a survival/competition perspective, or you can choose to view both yourself and your life in more empowering, fulfilling, and cooperative ways.

Purpose Of This Book

Both worlds are available to each of us every moment of every day. The first one shows up effortlessly, without any conscious intent on our part. The second world—the world of Possibility—only shows up when we actively create it.

The purpose of this book is to invite you to spend more time creating and exploring the world of human Possibility by giving you powerful concepts, strategies, and “practices” of thought that you can use every day.

You May Never Be The Same

In my opinion, this book is not just about human possibility—it’s also an excellent guide for living life happily and relatively stress free. I actually recommend you get the audiobook version, because the stories Roz and Ben tell in their own words and in their own voices are extremely powerful and inspiring.

If you truly engage with this book, and take it seriously, you may never be the same in many important life-enhancing ways. This is another reason why I prefer the audio version of this book. Because the lessons it contains are so very helpful that I can enjoy listening to them and letting them sink in over and over again, while driving in my car.

Below are images for both the paperback or audiobook versions of The Art Of Possibility. Just click on either of the images to purchase and enjoy.

Art Of Possibility Book

Art Of Possibility Audiobook

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