Stress Relief: Do You Suffer From “Stress Relief Tipitis” ???

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Hey, I’ve got a great tip for you that can help you relieve 50% or more of your stress. 

If this intro made you perk up, and if it filled you with a sense of hope and  anticipation…you may be suffering from “stress relief tipitis.” 

Stress relief tipitis is a very common condition.  As a physician, I’ve treated all sorts of conditions—bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, sinusitis, dermatitis, appendicitis, osteomyelitis, cholecystitis, and many others.  But few conditions are as widely prevalent, and as difficult to treat, as stress relief tipitis. 

What Is “Stress Relief Tipitis” 

Stress Relief Tipitis is a condition where you believe­—deeply and sincerely—that some simple tip or coping strategy is magically going to give you long-term stress relief.  This condition afflicts millions (possibly billions) of people around the world today. 

Symptoms Of “Stress Relief Tipitis” 

The symptoms of stress relief tipitis are easy to recognize: 

  • You’re emotionally attracted to promotional headlines such as: “5 Fabulous Tips For Quickly Relieving Your Stress.”
  • You’ve been exposed to hundreds of tips for reducing stress during your lifetime, only your stress hasn’t improved much at all.
  • You keep believing the next stress tip you receive will be the one that does do the trick.
  • It rarely dawns upon you that looking for quick-fix tips is not a good strategy for coping with stress. 

Well, here is one good tip that really may do you some permanent good: 

Stress Relief Tip:  Stop thinking that tips are going to help you deal with your stress!

Stress Relief Tips Don’t Work

Sure, it would be great if all you had to do to eliminate much of your stress was to find some really good tips and then follow them.  However, that’s not how life works.  

Lacking some tips or lacking simple coping strategies is not how your stress got created in the first place.  So providing you with the “missing tips” or missing coping strategies is not going to reverse this process. 

Something much different—and much deeper—is needed. 

More To Come… 

In this post, I just wanted to introduce you to the concept of “stress relief tipitis.”  

In my next post, I’ll explain exactly why tips don’t work to relieve most of your stress and why you should stop paying attention (if you do at all) to the vast majority of stress relief tips that endlessly come your way. 

Then, in the third and final post in this series, I’ll tell you what I think really does work to help people deal with stress, and how this is 180 degrees different from the “just give me some great stress relief tips…and I’ll be better” mentality.








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