Stress Relief: If Tips Don’t Work…Then What Does?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

To recap, this week I am celebrating the two year anniversary of this blog by revisiting three related blog posts I originally published here in January, 2012.  If you missed the first two posts in this series, here are the links: 

Do You Suffer From “Stress Relief Tipitis”? 

Why Stress Relief Tips Don’t Work 

So far, in these first two posts, I’ve defined what “stress relief tipitis” is and explained why stress relief tips almost never give us the long-lasting stress relief we desire.   I also pointed out that stress relief tips are very seductive.  This is because they tap into our “quick-fix” mentality and promise not to challenge our basic beliefs about stress too severely. 

What Does It Really Take To Achieve Lasting Stress Relief? 

Here’s my perspective, based on more than 30 years of experience helping people deal with their stress.  In order to truly free yourself from stress, you’ve got to first change you entire mindset about it.  You’ve got to be open to adopting a whole new set of beliefs that are completely different from what most other people believe today. 

You’ve got to first identify, then examine, and finally reject most of your deeply held beliefs about stress.  You’ve got to honestly assess which of your current beliefs are accurate and which are outdated.  Then, you’ve got to replace your outdated beliefs with new ones that are better and far more stress relieving.  

In other words, you’ve got to undergo a very deep “transformation” of your entire understanding about stress, including: 

  • what stress really is,
  • where it comes from for human beings, and
  • what our best coping options are for dealing with it. 

Transformation Is Not Incremental Change 

In previous posts on this blog, I shared some of my thoughts about the nature of personal transformation.  Basically, I explained that you can tell true transformation by its footprints.  

When a true transformation (with regard to any aspect of life) occurs for you, you’ll know it because: 

  1. The way you view yourself or that particular aspect of life has changed dramatically.
  2. This change is almost always for the better, in that it allows you to break through old barriers and accomplish things that have stymied you for years.
  3. Once a personal transformation occurs, it lasts forever.  You never go back to seeing the world, or thinking about the world, in the ways you previously did before the transformation occurred.
  4. In short, you don’t just gain some new information.  The person that you are, and the way you view and understand life, changes for the better and doesn’t revert over time.

Personal Transformation And Stress In Your Life

This is the type of transformational change I am pointing to when I say you will need to deeply and profoundly change your entire way of thinking about stress if you want to have a major breakthrough in your ability to reduce stress all throughout your life.

I am not saying this type of powerful transformative change is easy.  It’s not, or people would be achieving it in large numbers every day.

But it is entirely possible for just about everyone.  One of the main reasons I created this blog two years ago, and have published 315 articles to date, is to help give you some guidance on how to change your thinking about stress.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far, and you should be happy to know there is much, much more to come. So please stay connected here and send some your friends along as well. 

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