Stress Relief: I’m An Introvert…And Darn Proud Of It!

by Doc Orman, M.D.

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I’m a fan of Ted Talks, so when I recently got an email from StumbleUpon with a link to the top 20 most popular Ted Talks ever ( , I just had to take a look.

Many of the talks on this list interested me, and I’ve already watched a few of them. But one that really captured my attention was the 2012 talk by Susan Cain called “The Power Of Introverts.”

Why This Talk?

With all the great and inspiring topics in this top 20 list, I was surprised that I was attracted to this topic in preference to many of the others.  I knew I was an introvert—after all, I’m sitting here all alone, writing this blog post for you and enjoying the heck out of this solitary endeavor—but I think it was more on account of the juxtaposition of the word “power” with “introvert.”

I never thought of those two words together, but after watching this 19-minute video, I now have a greater appreciation for the contribution introverts make to our society.  I also got a greater sense of how being an introvert is just fine and that it is something I can actually be proud of.

During most of my teenage and early adult life, I battled to accept my introvert tendencies.  All the really cool (i.e. popular) people in my peer group appeared to be extroverts, so I struggled mightily to mold myself into this type of outgoing person.  The only problem was that this wasn’t me—it wasn’t what I was comfortable being—and therefore my efforts to “change myself” into an extrovert were only minimally successful.

Eventually, I came to terms that I was basically an introvert and I stopped trying to be someone else.  But I must admit, I never felt “proud” about it.  That is, until I watched this very short video.  Now, I am both a confirmed introvert and I’m darn proud of it to boot!  Fancy that.

For my next two posts this week, I’ll be continuing this discussion of the introvert-extrovert tension within each of us and also within our society.  So stay tuned.

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