Stress Relief: Learn How To Master Your Emotions (Part 1)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

How To Master Your Emotions Part 1This week marks the one-year anniversary of this Stress Relief Blog.  The first ever post in this blog appeared September 12, 2011, and it’s been a true labor of love for me ever since.

To celebrate this milestone event, I’m going to be offering 50 copies of my best and most powerful stress relief training program, Overcoming Negative Emotions, for an unbelievable 75% off the regular price.  I’ll tell you more about this great deal at the end of this post, but this special discount offer will only last until midnight on Monday, September 17, 2012.  So you’ll have to act fast, because once 50 copies are gone, that’s it.

Emotional Mastery Is…Priceless!

To help encourage you to take full advantage of this special anniversary offer, I’m going to devote all three of my blog posts this week to explaining why learning how to master your emotions is important.

If you really want to learn how to master all types of stress in your life, the best place to start is by learning how to first understand and then conquer your emotions.  This is especially true for six very common negative emotions:

  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Sadness
  • Frustration

Think about this for a moment.  How much would your life be different if you knew how to make strong feelings of anger quickly disappear whenever you want (without having to use time-consuming stress management techniques)?  How would this affect the quality and longevity of your relationships?  How would it impact your stress levels at work or at school?  What positive effects would it have on your blood pressure, your heart health, your muscle tension, your headaches, or your immune system?

What would your life be like if you knew how to quickly and easily overcome any fears or worries that might ordinarily trouble you?  And what if you knew how to avoid suffering through long periods of sadness or recurrent bouts of frustration? For most people, this would represent an enormous positive change, since much of the time, our feelings and emotions tend to control us, rather than us knowing how to exert mastery over them.

An Even Better Reason

But as wonderful as it would be to know how to be in full control over feelings of anger, guilt, fear, worry, sadness, and frustration, there’s an even bigger way that learning how to master your emotions will benefit you.  And this is by preparing you to know how to defeat almost any other type of stress in your life, way beyond your emotions.

You see, there’s an Ultimate Method for dealing with stress that I’ve described in previous entries in the blog (and in most of my other educational materials). This three-step coping method is almost always superior to stress management, because it helps you to identify and deal with underlying causes of your stressful problems in life, rather than deal with symptoms alone, whatever these causes might turn out to be.

Knowing how to deal with causes (as opposed to just symptoms of stress) is at the heart of true stress mastery.  And the very best way to learn how to do this well is by starting off learning how to master your emotions. 

The reason is because you can easily learn how to recognize the hidden, internal causes of your emotions.  This is one of the major benefits you’ll gain from completing my Overcoming Negative Emotions training program.  The beauty (and power) of this awesome program is that you won’t have to struggle to figure out what hidden causes might be causing you to feel angry, frustrated, worried, sad, etc. The program shows you exactly what these causes are for each of the six individual emotions the program focuses on.

The real challenge is knowing what to do about these hidden causes, once you are consciously aware of them.  Here again, my Overcoming Negative Emotions program excels at training you how to do this, and there are very few other training programs on the market today (if any) where you can rapidly acquire this valuable knowledge.

A Rare Opportunity

Learn How To Overcome Your Negative Emotions

This is why I believe that almost anyone could benefit greatly from my Overcoming Negative Emotions 6 CD and 6 study guide self-study training course.

This is also why I decided to offer 50 copies of this outstanding program in honor of the one-year anniversary of this blog.

Starting at 6:00 am on Monday, September 10, 2012 and ending at midnight on Monday, September 17, 2012, or whenever these 50 copies are gone, you can purchase this complete self-study program for only $47 (plus $6 shipping) instead of the normal price of $197.   That ‘s more than a 75% reduction in price, and it’s my $150 anniversary gift to you.  But it all might end fast, depending upon the demand, so if you have any desire at all to do this program, I recommend you act immediately.

Just click on this link:  and be sure to enter the special coupon code “WOW” at checkout to claim your 75% discount. 

Your set of 6 audio CDs will be shipped to your home address, and you’ll receive instructions via email about how to log in to a special online membership area, where you can download the six PDF study guides and other extra bonus materials.

Remember, I always offer a full, unconditional, money-back guarantee whenever you purchase any of my educational products, so if you find that this course is not for you, or if you don’t find it as valuable as I’m telling you it is, you can easily obtain a refund.

Learn How To Overcome Your Negative Emotions

Reserve your copy right now at:

In my next post on September 12, 2012, I’ll talk more about how to better understand your emotions, especially how you can easily learn to pinpoint their underlying causes. 

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