Stress Relief: Learn How To Master Your Emotions (Part 2)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

How To Master Your Emotions Part 2As I mentioned in my first post this week, today marks the one-year anniversary of this Stress Relief Blog.  The very first post in this blog appeared September 12, 2011, and it’s been a labor of love for me ever since.

I also announced that to celebrate this milestone event, I’m offering 50 copies of my best and most powerful stress relief training program, Overcoming Negative Emotions, for  an unbelievable 75% off the regular price.  I’ll tell you again about how to take advantage of this special time-limited and quantity-limited deal at the end of this post.

Both Computers And People…Have Programs!

To help you better understand how human emotions occur, think of a simple desktop computer.  Imagine you are sitting in front this computer, with the monitor in clear view and your hands positioned on the keyboard.  Now imagine you just pushed the “A” key on the keyboard and the letter “A” appeared on the monitor screen. 

Now, what caused the letter “A” to appear?  If you think it was your finger, pressing the keyboard key, you’d be partly correct.  That’s because this is only part of the entire story. 

You see, in order for the key you pushed to produce the letter “A” on your monitor, a very specific software program has to be running in the background of the computer.  Without this “hidden” program running in the background, and without it being configured in exactly the right way, there is no way the letter “A” could ever appear on your monitor screen.

Our Bodies Are Sometimes Like “Biological Computers”

A very similar process to this example is involved whenever we feel an emotion.  Say someone cuts you off abruptly in traffic and you immediately feel angry. Now replace “A” in the example above with the emotion “Anger” and replace the computer/monitor with your body. What caused the emotion of anger to appear within your body?

Again, if you think it was the other person cutting you off in traffic, you would be only partly correct.  The external event of someone cutting you off in traffic doesn’t directly cause you emotion to occur.  Just like with our computer example, a very specific “program” must have become triggered within your body as well—and it is actually this internal, hidden “program” that causes you to feel angry, not the external event alone.

What Is The Nature Of Our Internal Emotion-Causing Programs?

The hidden “programs” (within us) that are essential for our emotions to occur are not complex, nor are they mysterious.  They actually consist of 3-4 specific conversations (thoughts) and 3-4 specific action patterns, and these will be different for each separate and distinct emotion.

For instance, there’s a very specific conversation-action program that causes the emotion of anger to occur.  There’s also another program that causes us to feel guilty.

There’s also another conversation-action pattern that causes fear or anxiety to occur, and there is a slightly different one that causes us to worry.

There are also specific conversation-action patterns for sadness, frustration, and most other commonly identifiable emotions (including positive ones like joy, enthusiasm, happiness, etc.).

Here’s The $64 Million Question

Here’s an important question: 

Do you know what each of these specific conversation-action patterns are? 

If you answered “yes,” then great for you!  If your honest answer is “no,” however, then you’ve been running around, your entire life, without a clear understanding about what’s really causing your emotions to occur.  In my opinion, this is a glaring failure of our educational system that needs to be corrected.

Stop Wandering In The Wilderness

You don’t have to continue wandering in the wilderness of emotional distress, with all the other millions of people who have no clear idea what is really causing their emotions to occur. For just $47 (plus $6 shipping) you can put an end to your wandering and learn how to pinpoint these hidden causes in just a matter of hours.

Knowing how to deal with hidden causes of any type of stress (not just emotional upsets) is at the heart of true stress mastery.  And the very best way to learn how to identify these hidden causes, once and for all, is to complete my Overcoming Negative Emotions advanced training program.  

The beauty (and power) of this awesome training program is that you won’t have to struggle or remain in the dark about what’s really causing you to feel angry, or to get frustrated, or to feel worried, guilty, anxious or sad.  This advanced training program shows you exactly what the hidden causes are for each of these six very common individual emotions.

But that’s only part of the amazing benefits you will receive from this one-of-a-kind self-study course. You see, the real challenge in mastering your emotions (or any other type of stress) is knowing what to do about these hidden causes, once you become aware of them.  Here again, my Overcoming Negative Emotions program excels at training you how overcome these hidden causes, and there are very few other training programs on the market today (if any) where you can rapidly acquire this very valuable knowledge.

A Rare Opportunity

This is why I believe almost anyone could benefit from my Overcoming Negative Emotions 6 CD and 6 study guide course.

This is also why I decided to offer 50 copies of this outstanding program, at an incredibly low price, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of my stress relief blog.

Starting at 6:00 am Monday, September 10, 2012 and ending at midnight on Monday, September 17, 2012, or whenever these 50 copies are gone, you can purchase this complete self-study program for only $47 (plus $6 shipping) instead of the normal price of $197.   That ‘s more than 75% off and this my $150 gift to you, just for being one of my loyal followers!  But this special deal will end fast, and the quantity truly is limited, so if you have any desire at all to do this high-powered training program, I recommend you act right now.

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Remember, I always offer a full, unconditional, money-back guarantee whenever you purchase any of my educational products, so if you find that this course is not for you, or if you don’t find it as valuable as I think you will, you can easily obtain a refund.

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In my next post on Friday, September 14, 2012, I’ll tell you more about what it takes to “overcome” your negative emotions.

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