Stress Relief Principles: The Importance Of What’s Important To You—Part 3

by Doc Orman, M.D.

The importance of importance part 3

This week, we’ve been looking at how what you consider important in life can sometimes increase or decrease your stress.   If you missed either of the first two posts in this series, here are the links:

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Today, I want to address four things that many people don’t consider all that important but that could decrease your stress if you embrace them.

How Important Are These Four Things ToYou?

High Integrity

In our society today, it’s becoming less and less important to operate with high levels of integrity.  Cheating, lying, taking advantage of loopholes, taking advantage of others, concealing your true motives, promoting false or misleading advertising—these are all symptoms of a gradual decline in our commitment to integrity.

And while it may be a little easier these days to “get away” with such behaviors, we often pay a price—internally—when we succumb to such temptations.  Thus, since society itself no longer supports us in having high integrity, you’re going to have to make this a priority for yourself if you want to avoid the stress that commonly results living with low integrity.

Considering The Needs Of Others

There are many people who consistently and conscientiously look out for the needs of others.  But for those people who are habitually self-absorbed, a good bit of stress and interpersonal conflicts can be avoided by choosing to make having greater appreciation for the needs of others something important to work on.

Keeping Your Word

Along with an overall decline in the value of integrity in our society, there is a corresponding decline in the importance of keeping our word.  It just so easy today to make excuses for not keeping your word, to make promises you only half-heartedly intend to keep, or to justify breaking your word whenever you please. But this always produces stress for both us and others connected to us.

On the other hand, when you choose to make keeping your word something that’s important to you, you’ll find that a good bit of stress can easily be avoided.

Identifying Internal Causes Of Your Problems

Here’s something that many people absolutely do not consider important—being willing to look at and acknowledge certain internal causes of their stressful problems in life.  Here again, our society and the media have trained us to blame external forces for our problems.  Identifying internal causes, however, is much more powerful and effective way to solve your stressful problems.

Once again, since society is not going to consider this important, you’ll have to take this on yourself if you want to reap the personal benefits.

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