Stress Relief Question: How Good Is Your Thinking? Part 3

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stress DetectiveTo round our week about how the quality of your thinking plays a big role in how much stress you experience, I want to focus on the topic of beliefs.  It’s not possible to talk about thinking without including the subject of beliefs. This is because our beliefs often determine how we think and our thinking is mostly going to go in directions that confirm our already held beliefs about the world.

How Good Are Your Beliefs?

So another way of asking the question: How good is your thinking? is to rephrase the question to: How good are your beliefs?  

In order to answer this question, however, you’ve got to make some important distinctions about what types of beliefs need to be considered.

Three Levels Of Human Beliefs

In March of 2012, I wrote a series of posts on this blog about what I consider to be three different types or levels of human beliefs.  I’ve distinguished these three levels of beliefs within myself, and I am confident they also exist for all human beings.  Here’s how I view them:

Level 1 Beliefs = Conscious Thoughts

These are the thoughts that typically flash through our conscious awareness.  There are the thoughts we most commonly identify when we say we have certain beliefs or convictions.

Level 2 Beliefs = Underlying Philosophies

These are thoughts that are not usually conscious but which if we reflect upon our basic philosophies about life, we could easily identify.

Level 3 Beliefs = Core Presuppositions

These are the thoughts and assumptions that are the most difficult to spot.  They are core beliefs about life that are usually taken for granted and rarely examined.

In order to critically assess your beliefs, you have to be able to identify all three of these levels.  Especially Level 3, which gives rise to most of the specific beliefs that we have at the two higher levels.

Hope you enjoyed my three posts this week on a topic that rarely gets discussed among friends.

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