Stress Relief Question: Would You Read A Book Like This?

by Doc Orman, M.D.

4 Books Mock Cover

I’ve got a new stress book coming out on Amazon later this week with a special promotion set to begin Christmas Day. So I’m now focused on what my next book will be. I’m thinking of writing a different kind of book about stress than I’ve ever written and would like to know if you think anyone would read it. My working title is this:

Four Books About  Stress That Can Transform Your Life:  Read These Four Books, In This Particular Order, And You’ll Learn How To Reduce Your Stress, Increase Your Happiness, and Improve Your Life In Ways You Can’t Imagine!

Here’s My Dilemma 

When I first got the idea of writing this book, I was instantly excited about how it could help people.  But then doubts started creeping in.  I kept thinking to myself, “It would be wonderful to be able to tell people about these four amazing books, but should I really do this?”  Would anybody download and read a book with this title?  And even if they did, would any of those people actually go out and buy all four books and read them as I recommend?

After all, my plan is to write a really great book about why you should go out and buy four more books to read.  Has anybody ever done that before?  Sure many authors have recommended additional books to read at the end of works they have published.  But has anyone ever written a book that was purely about why you should go out and buy four other books to read?

I assume somebody probably has done this before, but I’ve never seen it done in the self-help genre, so I don’t really know if I’d be wasting my time.  I’m also concerned that many discerning book buyers might consider this type of offering to be nothing more than blatant advertising or self-promotion.

How Would People Benefit?

I’ve read over 300 self-help books about reducing stress and mastering life myself, and I’ve also written more than ten such books of my own.  Therefore, I know a good self-help book when I see one and my standards are extremely high.  Very few self-help books get my seal of approval, but those that do are quite special and they really shouldn’t be missed.

I suppose I’ve found 25-30 self-help books in my lifetime that meet my high standards, and from that small list I’ve selected just four to feature in this book.  Why only four and not more from this list?  And how did I arrive at these particular four and not some other group of four, if all of these books are so good?

These Four Books Make A Great Set

The reason I chose these four self-help books above all the others is because these four books fit together nicely to make a great set.  The stress-relieving and life-enhancing principles each book contains dovetail nicely into principles shared in each of the other three.  And this synergy of core concepts and philosophies is especially powerful if you read these four books in exactly the precise order I’m going to recommend.

Thus, I not only know why these four books are each great works themselves, but because of my extensive knowledge and background as both a physician and a stress expert, I also know why all four of them fit together to give you a fantastic new perspective on stress and on mastering life that you probably can’t get anywhere else.

What Do You Think?

In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that two of these four books are titles of mine and the other two are from different authors.  When you put all four together, however, and when you read them in a particular order, the end result can be magical.

So what do you think of a book with this title and concept?  Do you think anyone in their right mind would buy it?  What if I offered it for free…would that change your opinion?  I’d appreciate any feedback you can provide.  You can leave your feedback in a public comment or you can email me at docorman[at]

For a list of all my Kindle books about stress, click this link: .

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