Stress Relief: Sneak Peek At A New, Free College Stress Relief E-Book

by Doc Orman, M.D.

college stress relief e-book

So far this week and last, I’ve shared the following three blog posts about college stress with you:

Today, I want to give you a sneak peek of my new, completely free, downloadable PDF e-book titled College Stress Relief: What Every Student Should Know (And Spread Around) ASAP!  I’ll also show you a very simple website where any college student or high school senior can go to learn about and…

                         …download this free e-book. 

The website’s download links will not become active until Monday, April 2, 2012, but you are welcome to go visit it today.  And while the download links on this site won’t be operative until that date, I’ll provide you with an active link to download the full e-book later in this blog post.

How Will College Students Benefit From This New E-book?

The purpose of the College Stress Relief e-book is to open up new conversations about how to think about and deal with stress on college campuses all across America (and around the world).  Whether these new conversations will lead to any widespread improvement in college students’ abilities to deal with stress, both during their years in college and well beyond, remains to be seen. But I think the types of conversations I hope to stimulate by publishing this book are needed, and they ultimately may move stress education to a higher and more helpful level. 

Of course, there may be some conversations stimulated by this e-book that will not be positive.  I am sure there will be some (hopefully a minority of people)  who will want to disagree with many of the controversial points about stress that I make in this book.  And there will be others who will try to find ways to criticize my motives or to otherwise discount the value of the ideas contained in this book.  And that’s ok.  It’s a natural part of the process, especially when deeply entrenched and widely accepted ideas are suddenly thrown into question.

I know there are student organizations on many college campuses today that are focused on helping students cope with the stresses of college life.  Hopefully, some of these groups will take advantage of this freely available e-book to hold book club type discussions, or to otherwise debate the merits of its contents. 

And then there are countless individual college students who could benefit greatly from downloading this free e-book and grappling with the ideas it contains on their own, or in private discussions with just a few close friends. 

How Is This Book Organized, And What Does It Contain?

College Stress Relief: What Every Student Should Know (And Spread Around) ASAP! is a 173-page (174 if you count the cover page) free, PDF e-book that will be available on the Internet for downloading beginning 4/2/2012 at .  If you’d like to preview that site, just click on the link above (e-book download links will not be active until the official release date). The link to download your advance copy of the e-book TODAY appears later in this post.

Please don’t cringe because this book contains 173 pages.  It’s printed in a large font, and it has lots of white space, so it’s a quick read. 

The book is divided into four main sections, preceded by a brief introduction. The best way to show you what each section contains is to show you the Table of Contents, with associated starting and ending section page references: 

College Stress Relief E-Book

Table Of Contents 

What You Will Gain From Reading This Book (Introduction, pp.4-11)

9 Big Myths About Stress That Are Keeping You Stuck (Section 1, pp. 12-39)

Don’t Manage Your Stress…Banish It! (Section 2, pp. 40-56)

How To Correctly Understand The Causes Of Your Stress (Section 3, pp. 57-154)

You Can Learn To Win Against Stress (Section 4, pp. 155-171)

About Doc Orman (About The Author, p. 172)

About The Stress Mastery Academy (About My Stress Education Academy, p. 173)

As you can see, Section 3 (How To Correctly Understand The Causes Of Your Stress) is by far the largest section of the book, representing 56% of the total pages. This is because I believe this is very crucial information, and therefore it deserves more detailed explanations and examples.

How Can I Get My Own E-Book PDF File To Read Or Pass Around?

You can get your own advance copy of this soon-to-be-released e-book by simply clicking on this link:          

Download the complete College Stress Relief E-Book here


Download 11-page College Stress Relief E-Book Introduction here

These two links will continue to work after the official launch date of 4/2/12, so you can always come back to this post, or refer others to it, if you want to download additional copies (there’s no limit).  There are only two stipulations–that you don’t change the content, and that you don’t offer this e-book for sale, but rather always distribute it for free. 

After Monday, April 2, 2012 you can also download additional copies of this e-book, or refer others who want to download it, at the main download website . 


P.S. Also, please remember that if you’ve already downloaded and read my four free introductory PDF stress mastery trainings that are available on this website, you will probably find most of the content of this e-book (at least the content in Sections 1-3 above) redundant. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet read those four introductory trainings, this would be a convenient way to download and read them all at once, instead of in four sequential installments. 

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