Stress Relief Strategy #1: Stop Trying To Deal With Stress And Focus On Your Problems Instead

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Given everything we’ve clarified about stress so far, including looking at several popular stress myths and examining several important stress relief principles, we are now ready to consider our first stress relief strategy.

Simply put, this strategy says:

  • Stop trying to deal with stress, per se, and focus on the specific problem or problems that are bothering you. 

This strategy is designed to help you shift your focus away from stress (a non-existing problem) and place it squarely on the very real problem or problems you are struggling with.

It also encourages you to ask yourself much more problem-focused questions and begin to explore what might be causing your problems to occur.

Single Or Multiple Problems

Usually, when people say they are suffering from “stress,” they are usually suffering from a bunch of individual problems.  Occasionally, a person might be suffering from one very significant problem, like an unexpected tragedy, an injury or health problem, a sudden financial problem, etc.

But typically, there will be a number of specific problems…all going on at the very same time.

Each of these problems will need to be identified separately, and the appropriate questions posed about each.  Each will likely have individual causes that will need to be identified and addressed.

Problems With Correctly Understanding Causes

In future posts on this blog, we’ll begin to explore how to better understand the causes of common stressful problems in our lives.

Since this first stress relief strategy is designed to position you to identify and then deal with the underlying causes of your stressful problems in life, if you don’t understand these causes correctly, this strategy won’t benefit you much.

P.S. If you want to get a head start on how to best think about the causes of your stress, you can download the first of my four free PDF stress mastery trainings Common Myths About Stress.  This first 30-page PDF training doesn’t go into detail about causes, but you should download and read it first, in order to get to the next three trainings, all of which do heavily focus on understanding causes.  So if you haven’t already downloaded this first free PDF training, click the link above and you can access it immediately (no email or registration required).

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