Stress Relief Strategy #2: Stop Trying To Manage Just The Symptoms Of Your Problems And Focus On Dealing With Causes Instead

by Doc Orman, M.D.

In a previous post, I introduced you to Stress Relief Strategy #1

  • Stop trying to deal with stress, per se, and focus on the specific problem or problems that are bothering you. 

Based on the two previous posts about the drawbacks associated with managing stress, we are now ready to create Stress Relief Strategy #2:

  • Stop trying to manage just the symptoms of your problems and focus on dealing with causes instead.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that there’s little you can do about the causes of most of your “stress,” however that’s not really true.  I can understand why you might believe this right now, but this is because we haven’t been well-trained to correctly understand what is causing our stress to occur.

You see, we have many myths and misconceptions about stress that are prevalent in our society and that keep us from correctly understanding what’s really going on with stress in our lives.  We’ve already discussed some of these myths about stress, such as what it really is (it’s just a word) and why managing stress is not our best coping option (it mainly deals with symptoms and not causes).

But we also have many myths and misconceptions about what causes our stress to occur.  Once you understand some of these very popular myths, you’ll see that you do have more control over the true causes of your stress than you may be giving yourself credit for.  You’ll also discover that you have much more ability to reduce or eliminate stress from your life than you are currently believe that you do.

Stay tuned to this blog for lots more information on how to understand the causes of your stress and then for tips about what you can do about these causes once you correctly understand them.

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