Stress Relief: The Ultimate Method E-Book—A Gift That Keeps On Giving

by Doc Orman, M.D.


Christmas may be over, but the gifts haven’t ended yet.  You can still get a free copy of my newest Kindle e-book from the Amazon Kindle store today through Sunday, December 29 at midnight.

It’s called The Ultimate Method For Dealing With Stress: How To Eliminate Anxiety, Irritability And Other Types Of Stress Without Using Drugs, Relaxation Exercises Or Stress Management Techniques…and as I said in my post on Christmas Day, I believe it is the best Kindle book I have written so far.

Click here now:

Table Of Contents

Once again, if you are looking for a book that teaches you how to manage your stress…this book is NOT FOR YOU!  On the other hand, if you want to learn about a completely different way to deal with your stress that is much more powerful and much more versatile that stress management, then you should definitely grab this book for $0.00 today and give it a read.

Here is a quick peak at the Table Of Contents:


Why I Wrote This Book

How You Can Benefit From Reading This Book

Chapter 1: Why Managing Stress May Not Be Good For You

Chapter 2: The Biggest Drawback Of Managing Stress

Chapter 3: The Ultimate Method For Dealing With Stress

Chapter 4: Correctly Identifying Your Problems Is Not Always Easy

Chapter 5: The Secret To Winning Against Stress

Chapter 6: What’s Really Causing Your Stress To Occur?

Chapter 7: How To Make Your Stress Quickly Disappear

Chapter 8: Why Manage Your Stress When You Can Banish It Instead?


If any or all of these chapter titles interest you, go grab a free copy of this book for your 2014 reading pleasure.

Here’s the link to get your free copy today:


For a list of all my Kindle books about stress, click this link: .

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Mami February 8, 2014 at 3:29 PM

dear professor Doc .Orman.I want to say ,you really did change my life by your incredible book by the name of” college stress “.I have been suffered from a bad tension headache. Now after reading that, my headache is much better and I enjoy my life.
best regard


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