Stress, Truth, And The Voice Of Reason (Part 1)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stress, Truth, And Reason Part 1On the evening of Monday, December 19, 2011, beloved Baltimore radio talk show host Ron Smith (1941-2011) lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and died at his home in Shrewsbury, PA, surrounded by his wife June and the rest of his extended family.

Ron, who was an avid golfer, an ex-Marine and an ex-stock broker, had just turned 70 two weeks earlier. He had been a fixture on Baltimore public airwaves, on both TV and radio, for almost 40 years.  Since 1985, he had hosted a daytime radio talk show, where he had become known to a generation of listeners, including myself, as “The Voice Of Reason” because of his honesty, thoughtfulness, depth of knowledge, fairness, and respect for both his callers and guests, regardless of their political leanings or impassioned points of view.

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More Than Just A Radio Talk Show Host

Ron’s death was mourned by thousands of loyal listeners and fans, including many local and national dignitaries, who had grown so accustomed to having him in their lives that they considered him both a friend and a mentor.

From a political standpoint, Ron called himself a Libertarian, and he was frequently critical of both Democrats and Republicans.  Some of his favorite topics included unintended consequences of government programs, corruption in politics, gun control, the Iraq wars, and the declining state of public education.

Here were some of the comments made by fans upon his passing:

  • “Ron was a straight-shooter, he was honest and direct, he truly loved his audience and they loved him back.”
  • “We often disagreed, but I respected him for his knowledge and fairness.” (Democratic Senator)
  • “Ron was a man who stood firm on his principles.”
  • “I listened to Ron on the radio in Baltimore for many years. He was a good man—in the highest sense of the term. His programs were thoughtful and he treated all of his listeners with respect.”
  • “It’s sad when someone very special dies. It’s also very sad that such a calm voice in a sea of emotional hot buttons is now lost.”
  • “I listened to Ron his entire radio career. He made you think and he made you cry. He made my drive time a delight, and many days I’d laugh all the way home, never minding the stagnant traffic.”
  • “We desperately need more people like Ron—people of integrity and good humor who stand on well-defined principles but who can be civil and open to people who don’t agree.”
  • “Ron always conducted himself with class, even when things weren’t going his way.”
  • “What I loved about Ron was his ability to present facts clearly. He made you think about your beliefs and determine if they were beliefs worth holding. Whether you were conservative or liberal, he made you think.”
  • “I always felt that I could trust Ron Smith.”
  • “I learned so much listening to him.”

Stress, Truth, And Reason

I, too, personally mourned the loss of this great human being.  I listened to Ron’s radio show whenever I could, for many years.  And I too learned a great deal from his directness, his respect for differing points of view, and most importantly, his ability to think and reason so masterfully. 

If anyone truly deserved to be called “The Voice Of Reason” it was Ron.  For most others, this moniker would just be pure media hype.  But Ron was the real deal.  He could truly think and reason with the best of them.

Ron also taught me a lot about how to have less stress and tension in my life.  I credit him with being one of the mentors who helped me develop the stress coaching and counseling skills which I make use of every day now.

You see, I believe much of the stress we experience in our lives is not really due to the things that happen to us or that happen around us.  I believe that much of it comes from the ways that we think about and reason about life

If you are skilled at thinking about life and know how to apply high-level reasoning that keeps you connected to certain fundamental truths about reality, or about any problem or situation that might be stressing you, you are going to have much less stress than others who lack such high-level reasoning skills.

It’s Hard To Think More Clearly Than Ron

This is why I have such a special affection for Ron Smith and why it troubled me so much that I’ll no longer have his voice and his intellect surrounding me.  It’s also why I chose to focus on him this week, as someone worth remembering when it comes to dealing with stress. 

I suppose it may have been all the recent talk about gun control that made me think of him again, but unrelated to that issue, I think there’s tremendous value to be gained from how Ron skillfully approached all sorts of complex problems and topics, and how he managed to make sense of them so adroitly.

Of all his many excellent reasoning skills, I’m going to devote my next two posts this week to addressing the two that I found most useful and that I always try to emulate…thanks in large part to Ron showing me the way.

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