Test Anxiety Is Not About Tests

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Wednesday, March 13th was the last day you could get my new Kindle book, The Test Anxiety Cure, for free.  So if you’re reading this post, you’ve unfortunately passed the deadline.

Not to worry.  You can still get it on Amazon, if you’re interested, for a very low introductory price.

Test Anxeity Cure E-Book

Click here to view this book on Amazon

Also, in December 2011, I wrote a series of three posts on this blog about test anxiety which you can revisit by clicking on the links below.

In my first post in this series, I pointed out that if you suffer from test anxiety, the problem isn’t tests—it’s YOU and how you relate to taking tests. 

Read this first post here

In my second post, I noted that test anxiety can be broken down into three separate phases or parts:

1.     Pre-Test Anxiety

2.     Anxiety During The Test

3.     Post-Test Anxiety 

I also highlighted a few of the external causes of anxiety for each of these three separate phases.   

Read this second post here 

Then, in the third and final post, I focused one of ten key internal causes of test anxiety.  I also announced that I recently published a self-help PDF guide on how to end test anxiety that covers all ten of these major internal causes.  This PDF guide is essentially the same as the Kindle book I just released. 

Read this third post here 

So even if you missed the window to get the full new Kindle book for free, you can review these three prior posts to get a basic idea of how I approach this problem.

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