The Choice Of Paradox—How Opposite Thinking Can Improve Your Life

by Doc Orman, M.D.

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The Choice Of Paradox stress reduction e-book by Doc Orman, M.D.

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Here are a few quotes from the Introduction:

  • This is the second in a series of self-help books published under the theme “Stress Relief Secrets REVEALED.” The purpose of this series is to expand your understanding of human stress—what it really is, where it comes from in your life, and what your best coping options are for dealing with it. 
  • The title for this second book was inspired by the best-seller The Paradox Of Choice, by Barry Schwartz, published in January, 2005. Schwartz’s book focuses on how the proliferation of choices in our society today can paradoxically backfire on us and become a bad thing. He shows that having too many choices can lead to decision paralysis, anxiety, depression and other types of stress. My book The Choice Of Paradox is based on the premise that making a very specific choice to embrace paradoxical or opposite thinking can help you reduce anxiety, depression and other types of stress. Thus, my book in many ways is the opposite of Schwartz’s work. Realizing this difference, I reversed the two key words in his title, and to my delight and surprise, out popped the perfect book title for the key message I wanted to share with you. 
  • The Choice Of Paradox is about the many ways life operates differently than we think. More specifically, it’s about ten key ways that our happiness and success in life come from the exact opposite (or nearly opposite) of where we’ve been told they come from. 
  • Sometimes, we think life works in certain ways when it actually works slightly differently. There are other times, however, when we think life works one way and it actually works exactly the opposite. 
  • For example, what if some of your ideas about how to succeed in relationships are largely backwards? What if some of your ideas about how to be healthy and avoid getting sick are the opposite of what they should be? Or what if you’re trying to be happier or more stress free, but your ideas about happiness and stress are the exact reverse of what they need to be? 
  • In other words, what if you’re going through life thinking some things go down when they actually go up? 
  • I used to have mistaken notions about each of the ten key areas covered in this book. And boy did these mistaken ideas cause me a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress…until I finally figured things out. 
  • Once I finally discovered that each of these ten areas of life worked totally opposite to what I and most other people believed, much of my stress started to gradually disappear. 

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